No to London 2012

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ugly, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Is it just me being anti or does everyone in this gray and indifferent land want London to get the poxy Olympics again having been here twice already? The rag (metro) said today that 1 million pledges of local support are required to get the games and only 500, 000 have been recieved. Does that mean that if someone organised a no to london or No to Olympics full stop campaign website which recieved 1 million pledges of support would the govt have to drop it and would it be protected in law and entitled to as much free advertising and airtime as the poxy look at me you mugs pay for me to mince around in Lycra for a living "personalities" spend giving it?
    comments please!
  2. I'm indifferent to the 2012 Bid but if it gets Red Ken & (B)liar to sort london transport out then Hell Yer i'm in favour. London Council Tax payers are the ones who will pay for it. Bonus!
  3. I must admit I'm having trouble forming an image of beach volleyball on the banks of the Thames.

    I think that Warminster should run for it. Plenty of parking. Or maybe Splott in Cardiff.
  4. On a more serious note. I don't think you have much to worry about Ugly after Red Kens behaviour.
  5. Sadly, it's being shouted out that it's a UK bid not London only bid. This is so that the promoters can draw as much funding from across the whole country. I heard some really pompus sh1t on the radio over the past couple of days such as

    "We can dismantle the swimming pools and move them to other needy areas" Tessa Jowel

    OK how and does it come with the clean water.

    The bid should have been for the centre of the UK and started some 10 years ago so we can get the work completed. Look at how long it's taken to get that monolith Wembly" finished and look at the cost.

    You may have guessed I'm voting no
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Whilst I admit that the olympics prestige and all willbring benefits to |London , when London stops paying for it the rest of us will have to bail them out! The mythical private investment (as in only for risk free big returns) never seems to be quantified, crossrail Ha! Where is Thameslink 2000? Lets face it the spoilt middle class over educated schoolboty elite has a big toy to play with and we are all part of thier experiment in champagne socialism. To be honest is any one else sick of Kelly whatserface and two medals for running round in a circle?
    Montreal was bankrupted by the 76 games. You have been warned. The one hope is that being british it will be FUBAR!
    Anyone else hate the yanks calling us Brits while I am at it?
  7. Am am fervently against the london bid - I wrote a letter to the Telegraph yesterday which was not printed, but here it is:

  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Weve all suffered those political expediency fools. That is one of the reasons Howard the coward wont be getting my support as he refused to implement the unnecessary Cullen Report and went for a ban on centre fire pistols and revolvers. The real action that should have been taken was to hang out to dry the Clown that approved an illegal firearms application!
    Wouldnt be a mason would he?
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  10. Jowels arrived in Birmingham to seek the support of the same council that had had;

    The Milleniuum dome robbed from them

    The National Football stadium ditto

    National Sports stadium ditto

    An attempt , with suspected Government backing , to have the Motor show poached and returned to some nasty little urine smelling shack off the Earls Court Road

    Funding for rail and road infrastructure reduced

    Refusal to allow extension of Birmingham Airport

    No support from Government for our 1992 Olympic bid , or for a return of the Super Prix

    I believe the Council invited her to fcuk off at the high port.

    Placed in Stratford? Has the Bow road, and Seven Sisters been converted to a 6 lane Blacktop then? Has the Stratford one way system been considerably widened?

    Nasty little sh*thole , that last had serious effort made on urban renewal and improvement in 1940 by Mr H. Goering.(Ret'd)

    "It's £20.00 per Londoner Ms. Jowell"

    "No it's not, it's actually 38p per week"

    "Go and sharpen your pencil Miss Jowell, and tell me what 38 x 52 is"

    More lies.
  11. This is another Millenium Dome-stylee farce in the making.

    Looking into my crystal ball, I foresee the following:

    The various building projects will end up being finished late, and so way over budget you'd think DPA had a hand in them (I can see it now - the Bowman Stadium and the Typhoon Velodrome).

    Public transport will end up even more expensive as it is now, and just as inefficient, unless you want to travel to some God-forsaken bit of waste ground which was formerly the site of a swimming pool, since moved to the President Bliar Walsall Asylum Seekers Recreation & Rest Centre or somesuch.

    The project will be supported by the media until things start going wrong; then there will be major 'anti' campaigns. The Scum will claim it's all the Army's fault.

    Crime levels will rocket because the Met will be spending all their resources protecting athletes and hangers-on.

    The delegations from Iraq, Albania, Kosovo and several others will never go home. On the other hand the teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are already here, working in bars.

    Fox News will run a story about 'US Olympians appalled that Brits don't use dollars shocker'. Bliar will propose that we adopt the US dollar as soon as possible.

    Grasping Gordon will demand additional defence cuts to pay for it all.

    At the end of the whole sorry mess, Bliar will order a multi-million pound judicial inquiry, to be chaired by a judge of his choosing, to determine that no Labour politician was to blame. Jowell and other lickspittles will get gongs or peerages.

    Remember, you saw it here first.... :twisted:

    Personally, I think Paris would be the ideal venue - the French have an excellent track record of collaborative efforts when hordes of foreigners visit their capital for a few months.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Top answer and here is the link
    Not that I hate London over any other foreigner full sh1thole but let the Glaswegians hold it or even the Scouse now I'd support that, the jokes alone would make it worthwhile.
  13. The beach volleyball will take place on Horseguards! 8O (The place, not the troops. :roll: )
  14. I'm not normally one to get in the way of a good rant but PTP

    38 pence x 52 is £19.76 to Mrs Jowell was pretty much spot on