no to europe

h license ? wtf!! cards !! wtf . guido wtf!!
Driving Licence Cat H = Tracked Vehs ?
the 43 s on the back of adac recovery vehicles and using harsh language!
kaptain_kaos said:
Harsh language and a couple of fingers. Cant go wrong!! What do you say Guido?
Hey thats enough to get the french to surrender. I'm in
where are we invading from ie ports, can we get p&o to help or stena line, I think Sea France Will have to be boarded.
I'm in. How much cheep Booze do you think we can cram into a tank on the way home?


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Thebull140 said:
kaptain_kaos said:
Harsh language and a couple of fingers. Cant go wrong!! What do you say Guido?
Hey thats enough to get the french to surrender. I'm in
If you analyse academically and using all current models and techniques, you will realise that the French actually start off in the 'Surrender' position.

Once the fight is over they then start to talk up their (in)action to make it look as thought they won the fight single handed and are ready for the next to come along. They then return to the surrender mode.

p.s. If you really want to confuse the frogs then invade in the summer from Spain. That will give plenty of time to get tanked up on cheap bevvy and ready for the fray - oh, sorry, forgot the Engerland fans tried that during the world cup (unsuccessfully).

There, now that I have upset the frogs and insulted the Engerland fans, I feel that I have done a good days work and will take the remainder of the day off, reflecting on glories past and to come. :twisted:

Roll on the Arrse piss-up in Edinburgh.
invade france....... crakin idea.

maybe after we could have a go at all the other countrys that are apart of NATO. I swear, some of them are like sh*t to your arsse hair, countrys like France, Spain, Portugal, Burgaria, they are only part of NATO so that when Bush is bored they cant be one of the names he picks out of hat to "liberate" next.

France would be a good starting point though, We could call open season on all those that refuse to have British Beef in thier shops! :lol:
Obviously you would require us REMFs to support you, mend you and fix the vehicles that you would inevitably break.

Tell me when and I'll see what I can do to get the stuff back from Iraq/Oman etc.
The 43's are to pull down that eyesore of a cheap copy of Blackpool tower. Couple of tow chains, 1-2, 3750 rpm, up yours france. As for weapons, just an issued entrenching tool should suffice. Only need enough money for first round then we ransack, should be a laugh
Invading France might let us get cheaper access to Euro Disney, so we could drop the kids arf and then go on the lash.
We would have some where to drop arf our infected livestock and not have to avoid strikes by these garlic munching freaks.
Aint got a H licence but have commanded in the past.

Shoot em up Claud they's only taking the pith.
I'm with you.

Hate the French, always have, always will (step Mum is French).

Afraid my H licence ran out some time ago, but I think I could just about Command one.

La Francie est on Merde Tet (not sure on the spelling but the intention is goodenough)
Weapons sorted, Transport sorted, Motive sorted.
I propose Band V Nokia comms. Reliable than owt elso I have worked with. Remember to bring up top up cards.

H for.....................Hurrah??????
Would of thought so. Bring all yer mates to. In What sort of capacity?
Vera Lyn or Angelina Jolie????

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