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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blasted, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Seems like the aussies are thinking in the right direction, what do you think to this being applied over here?

    I for one would welcome a ruling like this

    click for link
  2. Fecking damn right.
  3. That would still allow some immigrants in though!
  4. Maybe all immigrants should be issued with AIDS, to prove how much they really wanted to move here???

    And they wouldn't last that long, so their population would go down quicker.

    If that's not a great way of dealing with them, I don't know what is.
  5. If you have to let some of them in , at least get the ones that will give you a few years work and not clog up the health system
  6. sounds good to me.
  7. Does Australia have an NHS on the same model as the UK?
  8. Would that extend to removing people from the country that have aids?
  9. Not exactly. They have a scheme called Medicare, but it isn't a mirror of the NHS.

    By the way, when I applied for my Australian resident's visa some eighteen months ago I had to have one of the most stringent medicals I've had in years. Part of it was an AIDS test.
  10. Great idea and I know this i the Naffi bar but they do have a good stance on immigration.
  11. Be fair to immigrants, they take a form of "selection" during their trek over from whichever sh1t hole is being bombed this week, only the resourceful and toughest survive, just think of the no-hopers we'd get if Britain was in East Europe?

    Take the story a while back of the bird who gripped the underside of a train in the Eurotunnel all the way to dover, nails, id give her a passport on the spot.
  12. NO british politician has got the balls to even agree with this.Some time back an Ozzy politician i think it was the treasury guy issued a statement that was posted on here. Basically saying if you don,t like our country then bugger of and live elsewhere. Great,hows that for telling em.
  13. It is the same in the US for a green card - they tested me for AIDS and an just about every other disease going. The doctor had a bit of difficulty when my TB result came back as positive from a BCG jab earlier in life, but a chest X-ray soon sorted that one out.
  14. Potted answer. Yes and no. We have "universal healthcare" aka Medicare which was apparently the bastid child of an older provider that was some kind of public system but then apparently Medicare was introduced in the 1980s? when the Labor Party came to power Federally. The old provider then became a private health fund Medibank (I think). Basically now every citizen is whacked onto Medicare when they are born or naturalised and those with residency status. There is also a "reciprocal agreement" with certain countries NZ, UK for example where certain groups can rock up with their passport/ticket and get a Medicare card or treatment depending on how long they are staying out here (think working holiday visa class). Others are classed as overseas visitors and pay cash upfront even if presenting to a public ED.

    Medicare basically covers you for inpatient stays in hospitals if you are a public patient and up to 85% or 75% can't remember which of certain services outside of hospital - GP visits usually make up the bulk. If you are lucky you can see a GP for "free" through the bulk billing system but since the Feds fiddled with things many only offer that to pensioners and other Centrelink health care card holders. Far as I can see from what mates have told me the big difference to NHS is time taken to be seen and the referral systems to specialists. Out here you see your GP get a referral to a specialist if you need it then ring them up and off you go. Similar to getting imaging done etc. Then you pay the bill and claim it back through Medicare or at PoS through the electronic system and just pay the difference.

    The HIV thing sounds damn good though. If it gets through before next election I would be surprised there are too many tree hugging, tofu chuggers out here that will beat their chests and tear hair about discriminating against needy minorites and disadvantaged populations. Never mind the rest of the country eh?