No TIMES mistake here though !

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MeOldChinagraph, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Suprised nobody has posted this yet !

    Wish he would make his mind up on what he would like to be called :oops:

    Although I recall from others that he was not asked to leave :eek:

    Couple of readers may wish to have a first look at the first few Chapters of the impending book ? I am sure their lawyers will be watching !

    PS - TMA states he was a very, very good at his job though.
  2. Nice choice for a name. I would go for something more like Sebastian Nimrod! :D

    I remember him as a jolly, if camp, fellow. I remember a pleasant evening at his home with my wife and, er, his wife!! It appears I was not his type, cos he never asked, or winked, or anything! I would have expected to bump into him in a certain club, down a certain alley in Charing Cross before now actually! :lol:

    Are we to expect a book then?

    "Camp Gemini - My life as a Double Agent, Amateur Dramatist and Double Entendre"
  3. The rather embarrasing and ironic thing about this bloke is that he served in a very prestige Corps Unit which aims to highlight security vulnerabilities through discreet methods. Ironic because he now has "earned" his anonymity and retirement home in the sun and yet for a long time he was the rather public face of a well-known Gay Rights Activist Group and appeared in many pictures most notably in Apr 98.

    For those of us that know/knew him , if you "Google" various aspects of his past life, it not difficult to actually find his picture and real name!!!

    If anyone that knows me (and I know them) and you want the link then PM me.
  4. His real name and picture is in the article :oops:

    Obviously took no heed of any WP available from the Old Bill ?

    About as discrete as the new owner of the Evening Standard !

    Says a lot about the internal security apparatus of ALF !

    Perhaps you will appear in the book photo coverage Piglet ? As I have in a previous book on fishing :oops: outside `the obvious` draped across a car with appropriate `Harry Maskers`- with no shorts or longs in sight of course :p
  5. You did !

    At least we will not be subject to silhouettes and voice overs on his future GMTV couch appearances - although given his exacting use of multiple identities and persec :lol: (did he never learn anything ?) perhaps we will be blessed with some of these :roll:
  6. i bet that was a difficult choice :)
  7. Can't use the second one down - the SOCA boys have that!

    Did I? Yes, perhaps I did? Of course at the time I am afraid I was very, very drunk!
  8. Although Adrians employability in certain circles is now in doubt :p
    Perhaps we should give him a break ?

    It is not as if he is this person: :x

    Wonder if he still has his ICA membership ?

    Who will play him in the obvious ITV/Channel 5 `single issue` docudrama ?

    Oh yes him ! :?

    Wonder if he will be appearing in panto this year - any suggestions of which and what part ?

    I recall he is not the first former Corps man to have his 15 min of fame on the telly in recent years :lol:

    "Elementary my dear Watson" :twisted:
  9. Erm....think I may have been there that night also???? :?
  10. You're right, the Cyprus Spy Scandal had nothing on that night, eh! Drinking, laughing, outbursts of AmDram.

    Looking at him on the link from Piglet Files Myself and Mrs B_A are stunned that we never twigged! He appears to have got camper!!!

    The other poster was kind of right though, perhaps we should give him a break. He may just be a publicity seeking queen or he may have pulled a great coup against a vile organisation.

    Thing is not every one that has done that kind of thing feels the need to go on ITV and talk about it! Could he not at least have gone on Channel 4 news? :lol:
  11. Oh dear ?

    Wonder if certain establishments in Bedfordshire, Herefordshire and Hampshire have this within their training library ?

    Cannot wait for:

    `Celebrity lets do Mobile & Foot`


    "Make like a bush - with Adrian `Farmer` Radford(!)

    More at:

    Did he ever actually get a full Q or W qualification ? Anyone confirm as I am beginning to wonder at his claimed Corps experience !
  12. Do we get an ICA discount for the DVD - Seems a bit steep? :wink:

    I can shed some light on China's question though. I can categorically state from a very close A1 source that this muppet never passed or gained Type Q Qualification. My source confirms that the Unit he was serving with at the time required rudimentary CPS skills, a bespoke "attendance" course was run for his Unit at the great iconic school 'Repton Manor' in Ashford. This standard of students on the bespoke course was that awful that one of his colleagues actually fell asleep whilst in a "trigger" position during an exercise :lol:

    In fact some of those ridiculous pictures advertising his DVD are almost as overtly obvious as his performance on the course - And why does he think he is a member of the Beatles on Abbey Road?
  13. Can I just say, for the record, this website is nothing to do with me 8O

    Adrian did do those courses, however, can't remember to what level
  14. wow, he's put on weight!