no they arent (sorry)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by student_grant, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. this is getting boring, I got the answer I needed months ago. ta.
  2. Before going regular I was in the TA and went to a few Engineer weekends, mainly gap crossing etc. I would fall into my pit exhausted after a day of MGB building. During my regular service I watched the Engrs run about like maniacs and somehow continue to smile. You could do a LOT worse than become a Sapper.
  3. Re-read your post and then tell us why we should. TA is different from the Reg Army, rather than "sub standard" as you suggest and I would suggest your recruiting team will invite you to their special version of sex and travel if you appear with that attitude.

    REMF is a horrid Americanism which stands for Rear Echelon Mother F****rs. By definition, anyone not currently engaged in exchange of fire is potentially a REMF but you would be embarassingly incorrect to confuse role and location in the Operational Theatre with the automatic derogation that the title REMF suggests. Equally you would be very unwise and foolish to confuse our Echelon system - which is a very significant part of the way we conduct ourselves in battle - with the concept of Rear Area - which is increasingly becoming a conceptual term IMHO.

    With regard to not going to join as a Tom, I have no doubt with your incredible experience, gravity and humility you will be automatically engaged at least as Sgt, if in fact they don't recognise your obvious leadership potential and make you a Lt Col at least.

    Assuming though that there is some serious content to your query, the TA is the TA is the TA. Independent non-Inf Units have 90% commonality in everything that they do (at soldier level) with perhaps one or two weekends a year of Special to Arm Training after you have gained your trade quals. Really keen tradesmen can of course spend as much time as they can get in Special to Arm stuff but the majority tend not to. Inf Units tend to be far more focused on their specific Operational training requirements which will, of course, vary from Bn to Bn.
  4. yes you could be a chef!! I'm not either of them
  5. Don't take the p1ss out of chefs. :x Hardest course in the army! :D
  6. And few rarely pass on a daily basis!!
  7. eh.. and you came up with this opinion on your own?
  8. Absolutely not. But it is still opinion so it is important not to state as official policy IMHO
  9. Abacus, keep your fcuking knickers on. I was trying to find out if being in the TA engineers is a worthwhile way to spend my free time (not that i have much of it anymore) I don't need a lecture on orbat in modern 21st century warfare. Are you a TA rupert by any chance???

    I don't have a chip on my shoulder about reservists, I have a lot of good mates in the TA and my old Sqn had a TA troop in it too. I was trying to fend off replies in the vein of: why don't you rejoin the regs etc.

    Can you advise me on what life in a TA cdo engineers sqn is like? if not, get your fcukcing head down.

    I know where the term REMF comes from. I was on multinational deployments with SPAMs when you were probably beating off into a sock, actually rereading your post, you probably still are
  10. just bowl into any Engineer squadron bar and ask them mate .... i'm sure you'll get an honest and frank kicking ... er answer.
  11. I think this tosser needs a 'special' medal block.


  12. Thanks shortfuse, I'll give them a ring, probably the best way to find out. Might get fitted with a gumshield first though!
  13. S-G are you ex reg RE? If so were you in 23?

    Edit to add: nah cant be otherwise you wouldn't ask such bone questions.
  14. OOOOOH hark at her!! Touchy arent we?
  15. In answer to the original question, no. Research the role of the Corps though and you should see that many of its tasks are battlefield ones rather than ones carried out in the rear area or whatever. From what I know of 131 they are fairly "war-y", although the London contingent is HQ....

    The point above is incorrect. In most TA engineer units (or at least the ones I've been in) besides ITDs you will spend little time doing things common to other units - "one or two weekends of trade training" is way off the mark. There's a lot to learn and engineering will be the main focus. There probably won't be much more than a couple of weekends a year of infantry stuff or anything else done by other corps.

    Edited to add: I hear 131 do a bit less engineering and a bit more stuff in keeping with their commando status.