No surprise there then?

Brazilian cleaner guilty of blackmailing judge

Brazilian cleaner Roselane Driza faces jail and deportation after being found guilty of blackmailing a female judge. (Pic: Reuters)

Driza, 37, was also found guilty of stealing two sexy videos from a male judge but she was cleared of blackmailing him.

The court heard the two judges - known only by the initials J and I - were themselves lovers for a time.

But their relationship ended although they remained friends.

After Judge J sacked her, Driza started an affair with Judge I and moved in with him.

Later, she allegedly discovered a raunchy video in his possession of both J and I together - showing J apparently snorting cocaine.

Driza was accused of blackmailing both judges and stealing the video together with another cassette, allegedly showing I with a blonde.

She denied the charges.

Judges eh? Bless em!

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