No support for CIRA, I beg to differ...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wija, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Reptile showing support

    It amazes me that people would be so naive to suggest no one is supporting the CIRA/RIRA.

    MP's, councillors, tax dodging stuents. I hope this reptile is marked, and soon.
  2. Bar room bravado. Still a scuzball though.
  3. It should be remembered that a number of members of our current government have 'history' and are not so anti the 'bold boyos' as their recent comments might suggest.

    Most of them got their politics from a book rather than learning the hard way and many are former student 'activists' or members of groups who, whatever else they may claim, were certainly not anti-IRA. Many students unions and fringe groups feted Sinn Fein when it was proscribed.
  4. I sometimes wonder whether the likes of Ken Livingstone have changed their minds about the Irish Question, after all they were enthusiastic proponents of Irish unity and 'Brits Out' - which hasn't happened, of course. And it isn't as if Livingstone is a great believer in democratic change.
  5. Pfft, one gobby kid hamming it up for the cameras does not widespread support make.

    However, I believe the hippy-dippy students with their right-on we-love-everyone attitudes are full of shit too.
  6. Not really been any change from the height of the troubles. The greater majority just wanted to live a peaceful life - spoilt by the less than one percent who practiced terror.

    Shows the same here. Most against the violence, bu there is always one who believed the shite he is being fed.
  7. An IRA walt
  8. Support for the DRs is limited but it is there. In a number of areas it is CIRA/RSF who are now taking on responsibility for organising republican commemorative events that were formerly organised by PIRA/PSF.

    They are selling the idea that they are the only ones who represent traditional republicanism and that PIRA/PSF have "sold out" and sadly there are some republicans who believe it. Amongst some groups of republicans the recent murders are likely to increase not decrease support for the DRs.
  9. Am I the only one who saw the irony in the advert for the army before the clip started?

    As for the apparent supporter, if he's so keen to die for his country...
  10. That tickled me as well.
  11. hahaha, what an ugly cretin. OI, EEE WAANA DEEE FUR MEEE COUNTREE. From one resident of NI to another, shut the fcuk up you gobby little prick. He isn't even old enough to buy booze ffs, wth does he know?

    Bigging it up for the cameras in front of his bulgey-eyed bint on their way to cash the giro.


  12. I bet she searched long and hard to find the scrote. But generally its true a lot of west Belfast want's nothing to do with this stuff. Nobody wants to go back. It seems like there's a lot of weird thinking going on to think that its going to kick off again.
  13. 99.9999999% sure he's wearing the celtic away shirt.. not that that means anything, just an observation 8)
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why is it that it's always the throwback, badly-bred thickies that think it's cool.

    Down my way, it's the same look, the same haircuts, the same pig-ignorant fcukwits that carry knives, talk wanksterese, big it up and cause trouble.

    Over there, it's the worst, thickie scum on the sink estates that do it, but with guns and bombs.

    Look at his stupid, thick cnut c0cky face. If this cnut opened his mouth to me about butterfly collecting, I'd still want to give him a flip-top head.

  15. [​IMG]

    Just a fcuking loser. Same as the loser scum anywhere else. Transfer the situation to the Chatsworth estate, and Frank Gallighers boys would be growing up alongside such losers.

    He has no idea what happens outside of his own street, and has no ambition or purpose in life.

    Besides, if he wasn't all mouth, he'd have joined the R/CIRA by now. Pretty sure he isn't too young.