No such thing as Gulf syndrome

Maybe the possibility exists for Professor Wessley to spend some time in the sandpit and experience first hand, in the name of research what some of us have had to serve in. Maybe then with the light of 'hands on' data he might change his tune.
So easy from the depths of a clinical and controlled environment to make a judgement on the feelings and mental state of others.
Another 'expert' shedding his light on a newsworthy subject. Echoes of vCJD and foot and mouth disease. Lots of 'experts' there :x

Get some it Prof :twisted: :twisted:

He'll be Lord Wessley soon I expect.
Maybe they should've got that Hutton geezer to do this one too! He's pretty good at fixing facts around a desired outcome.
If memory serves, the MOD has never recognised Gulf War Syndrome anyway, so they just got some guppo with a "Prof" in front of his name to endorse it.

Another case of "screw the squaddies now, they've achieved what we wanted".

What a fücking disgrace!

I believe he is right! I never accepted the GWS hype. There are veterans suffering from a range of disabilities from GW1 and they should be looked after but the entire GWS crap was an American idea dreamed up by lawyers to hit the US Govt with large compensation suits. It just spread after that.

Lets get our lads looked after by guiding them to the Veterans Agency with proper claims for vaccination poisoning, PTSD or whatever.
hansvonhealing said:
It seems that Simon Wessely, the co-director of King’s College Centre for Military Health Research, made a speech on 25/01/06 at Gresham College, on Gulf syndrome.
Full transcript here:-

His findings don't seem as clear-cut as the 'Times' article would suggest....

What do you think?

Simon wessely is a civilian advisor He is co-author of a book, From Shell Shock to PTSD, Psychology Press, 2005.

I wounder if he gave any donation's to any of the shell shock,PTSD Charties from the book

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