No strings fun

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Bowser-Mong, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. Stud. Fat. Unfit. Lethargic. Dyslexic. Ginger :oops: . Pi5sstained bed-dweller 8O . Skint. Professionally unemployed/able (take your pick). Smoker. Drinker. Serial women abuser. Right enough about me.

    C'mon girlies you know you want a bit. :twisted:
  2. Snail is up for some!!!

    Your her perfect man!
  3. I'll take sloppy-seconds. If you can trap them, I'm damn sure they'll meet all my criteria.
  4. For the lucky lady/ies (plenty of me to go round) I am clean. I was engaged in a rather kinky activity some years back with a rather gregarious filly and came away injured. I was a cavalier but now am a roundhead so two advantages to this: I am cheese free and adventurous. GRRRRRRR.
  5. With chat like that you're bound to trap you old romantic.
  6. The snail would fuck mud if it bought her a pint.

    FABLON, you thought about selling your arse on EBay? (I wouldn't put a reserve on if I were you though ;) )
  7. we talking still warm? with or without a pulse?
  8. Bit picky aren't you?
  9. time is seldom wasted on a recce lol
  10. No strings fun? So they must not be on the blob then? Seems like you're after a proper lady. :roll:
  11. them proper ladies - the ones with a big house and only wear jodphurs n riding gear lol
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Beers are on me then :twisted:

  13. Thats an idea. Could auction it off for Charity. Who wants my arse. Come on. Healthy. Active. Can come with or without piles. :roll:
  14. How're you going to get rid of yer Knobbies that easily?

  15. Easy. Leatherman multitool. Pliers. Snip them off, place then in a clear resealable bag, refridgerate overnight. Then, as a bonus, to demonstrate my sense of humour to the lucky chickadee, I will place said bag containing my pile into the trays of grapes that adorn the fruit and veg aisles at my local Tesco. I'll put them in the seeded grapes as they wouldn't pass for seedless (think about it ie peanuts!). :wink: