"No stilletoes to be worn in the gym - sign at CTC Lympstone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldcolt, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Saw a sign bearing the above legend on the gym door at CTC Lympstone the other day whilst attending a course. Nearly p!ssed myself laughing.

    Naked roll mat fighting has now obviously moved on to official recognition of the boys in Green Berets 'ways' :hump:
  2. A common schoolboy error.It does of course refer to these.

  3. Nice try booty, but you can't 'wear' those! LOL :p
  4. You can when they are stuck in your shoulders Harry ! :D
  5. Knowing RM, it could well mean either!
  6. Surely no Royal would use anything other than the issused dagger ?
    So probably refers to footwear :D
  7. If you had completed your Underwater Knifefighting Course,as I have you would know the real answer.
  8. Due to the amount of rough totty getting shagged in the Gym from the gronk's ball, it was to remined royal that his party should not disturb others, so shoe's off personally i used to shagg em in Diepe block......make as much noise as she needed...LOL
  9. I can just see the late Ted Kelland in a pair of 6inchers