No State Funeral For Ex-PM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cpl_ripper, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. From Sky

    I'm no fan of Mrs T. This is one sure way of killing any support the tories might try and build in working class areas!

    Save it for the last tommy!

    *ducks under the parapit*

    edit general mogness
  2. Why don't just throw her into a skip for disposal for all she did for the working classes.
  3. Can we have a state funeral for Bliar , don't lets hang around lets have it now
  4. She made them into the Middle Classes.
  5. Well, my knowledge of history is appauling. But it says here:

    that the Prime Ministers given a State Funeral in the 19th century were the Duke of Wellington, Lord Henry Palmerstone and William Gladstone.

    And the first (and only?) Prime Minister to be given a State Funeral in the 20th century was Sir Winston Churchill.

    Whilst I'm not well informed of the contributions made by the above, I cannot think of a single thing that Thatcher woman did to benefit the country.
  6. Your parents own their own home, I take it?
  7. We're not quite a 3rd world contry yet, had the unions remained as strong we would be by now! Don't start the Thatcher argument again, you will lose as she has more supporters on here than desenters!
  8. I own my own home outright. My parents died many years ago. My home-ownership is due to my grandparents owning 2 houses in the 1940's and only having 2 grandchildren to inherit. Nothing to do with Thatcher. :?
  9. Poor mr.Blair. Whatever he says, all would be not good.

    Suppose that he says: I'm just preparing a state funural...
  10. A lot of people lost their homes under Thatcher and the money mad crew that she had with her.The only thing she brought in was the right to buy your council house.

    Bury her quietly,possibly in the Falkland Islands.
  11. She is still alive though.
  12. Please don’t tell me you don’t know what the Duke of Wellington or Winston Churchill did 8O
  13. Can't stand the woman. Chuck her in the oggin attached to a lump of concrete in Portsmouth harbour. In fact, whilst we're at it, can we ensure Blair is attached to her with some black nasty???

  14. She IS blonde!