No Standby or Hibernate after re-installing please

I re-installed XP on ma laptop the other day to get rid of a Iraqi virus I had (my Recycle Bin was called "G W Bush" lol.

Anyway, since re-installing, I have no options to go to standby or hibernate. Any help in getting it all back to normal is appreciated.

Muchas Grassyarse in advance.

Use the recovery utility and go back to your last saved savepoint - or whatever it's called. you can get there via boot menu or from windows via recover.
Hi, you should find the options for stand-by and hibernate if you;

- Go to control panel
- click "switch to classic view"
- then click on "Power options"

From there you should be able to set things the way they were.
I would think that if you restore savepoint, you would be risking reinstalling the virus. Most virus pop themselves into system areas, the very areas that are saved during savepoints.

Might be worth checking your bios settings, could be that hibernate/standby have been disabled. Check control panel first, though

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theindefinite said:
Have you re-installed the graphic card/soundcard/motherboard/etc drivers? On my PC, standby doesn't work without them.
I think the solution is with your option as I've tried the others already and the hibernate/standby options are just not there. I've tried putting my others drivers dick on, but it wont load (doesn't want to play since I've re-installed XP). I'll sort it in work with one of the guys, but thanks to all for your advice anyway.


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