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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Border_Reiver, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Just seen an article in The Times in which it is reported that the Labour Party Manifesto will include a requirement that all Public Service employees must be able to speak English . Is this not a disturbing promise ? Does it imply that the current situation is other than that and if so how did these people get past a Job Application and subsequent interview ? Mind you when Prescott gets wound up he goes off into his own unique patois and I have difficulty in understanding some of the alleged English uttered by other members of our now diverse society .

    See Link ….
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  2. Have you ever had the unfortunate pleasure of calling a Government department, if you can get through all the call menus and other bollocks and if you don't get cut off after half an hour holding on and you then get to talk to someone, then the chances that that the twat on the other end has English as a first or second language is pretty dubious.
  3. Most of my recent telephone calls have been to HMRC concerning incorrect Tax Codings . Apart from the same problems with actually getting through to a human voice I must admit , probably because it is a Government Department associated with collecting rather than paying out , the people I have spoken to were definitely understandable . Then again I may have been just lucky .

    Edited to add .... I wonder of they are using a lot of these people in the back office to develop software ... that could explain the latest monumental IT implementation c*ck up in the HMRC .
  4. Been there done that, got a real funny f**ker the other day from the NHS, my phone rings and they say " we are unable to answer your call as all our agents are busy" I didn't call them, they called me, so as I am awaiting treatment I did a re dial and asked what they wanted, well, after having a conversation with half the population of Bangalor, I am still none the wiser, praps their computer rings you up because its lonely or something
  5. In recent months I've had the misfortune to call HMRCS and also DVLA.

    In the first instance the barely comprehensible garbled mush that passed for English was so annoying to listen to that I had to bang my head repeatedly on the wall, this is before I've put pen to paper to fill in the tax return I'm now due for.

    On talking to others who have had this misfortune it turns out the call centre is based in some fly blown muiddle Eastern sheeitehole called "Kneeowcassle" and the garbled dialect I'd heard was something called "Jordee".... bloody Jordanians I expect.

    As for DVLA, well that was just f ucked up, If you're going to put an office like this together and staff it with minimum wage manglers of English, at least have the decency to put it outside the shores of the UK.... Welsh people.... Like Africans but smellier, and less likely to make a go of running their own country.
  6. Reckon it's also meant to cover contractors etc as a lot of them can barely string a sentence together, last company I worked for would be screwed if Immigration came calling...
  7. One of the DVLA's callcentres is in Bournmouth but I'm pretty sure they only have one phone, you Saxon devient, I have never met a nice South African, but they are an improovment on the English
  8. My cousin worked for the Social Security Agency (dole office) years ago (5 +) and gave up after the bullshite that came down re NOT Speaking English and having every form available in multiple lingos.

    Today for example there are links to the claim forms in :

    Chinese’s - Wot TF is China now part of the EU?
    Arabic – see above.
    Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish of course, as well as Portuguese and Spanish.

    That is of course omitting those other English languages:

    Urdu, Tamil, Hindi Bengali and all the others from the Indian Sub Continent.

    The quickest fix for Gordo is to simply remove all translation assistance for claiming anything at all.

    See how quickly the non-speakers catch up.

    Horse , stable , bolted, 13 years too late .
  9. Well, that is interesting. If Paw Broone and his Marxist friends get back into office.. Gawd Forbud. Just how is this going to be enforced. As it is, our own Home-bred Chav Doley scrounging underclass, some of these can barely read, write, count up to 10, or sign their own names on the Doley Scroungers Forms.... :scratch:
  10. Is there no end to the scheming hypocrisy of these useless left wing tit heads? It's only about ten years too late and nothing more than a pie crust promise to sway the gullible in any case. What great steaming pile of bull manure.
  11. If they hadn't allowed unchecked immigration to create their multicultural Utopia or created so many public sector jobs to drive down unemployment, there would be no need for this!
  12. Your a Cnut, Funny, but still a Cnut! :lol:
  13. oldbaldy

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    Someone I know was going to be interviewing for a position within the Fire Service (Not a fireman/woman I might add, thank goodness). It was obvious that one person was unsuitable but HR wanted this person interviewed and the implication was it was a shoe in. When the language problem was brought up HR offered an interpreter for the interview. HR were not very happy to be put firmly in their place.
  14. A few years ago I went up to the passport issuing office with a formal letter from the boss to get a letter issued on the day.

    It was for an emergency deployment and all the forms were filled out, including this letter that stated the reasons for it to be so.

    It took me three attempts at ever increasing levels of seniority of passport office gophers to find someone with a good enough comprehension of English to explain the request to !

    This is not an uncommon event, how often have you had to deal with Doctors/Nurses/Bus drivers etc who cannot or will not communicate in an understandable way.
  15. Not a new problem. I remember being told by the manager of a tax office in Harrow about 20 years ago that he had huge difficulty recruiting clerical staff locally who were capable of speaking fluent English - these were not illeglas/asylum seekers/EU cits, simply the legally resident recuitment pool available to him at the time. Given the p1ss-poor wages paid to the bottom rung of the civil service he pretty much had to take what he could get.

    Doubtless much worse now.