No Spam Intended: Totty Online Chat, Pics and Meets for Free

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Free chat - listing women all over UK and instant messaging/mailbox for fcuk all cost. Course, there's blokes listed an' all.

    Have been on it all night and forgot to share it with you..... :roll:

    Still, I don't suppose lads and lasses in uniform would do very well with a free chat up site, tons of totty photos with interesting handles, probably just down the road, would they...? :wink:

    Free Online Dating at Pretty much plug and play. If posted elsewhere, apologies.
  2. DON'T DO IT!!!!
    99.99% of the birds on there are Psycho with more baggage than Heathrow and a tendancy to obsess slightly.

    (Not from personal experience though)
  3. Excellent, should pass my night shift allot quicker...

    Lets get some of them angry!
  4. Glad to be of help, maybe a few insomniacs and staggers will find it useful, done me no harm so far :twisted: Any chance someone could keep us updated on the shifts?
  5. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    I can see tomorrows headline:
    Squaddie Killed In Mysterious Suffocation
    A soldier was found dead last night. Police have confirmed he was suffocated although they are baffled by the case. The only clues they have is that the unnamed serviceman had a laptop open on a infamous dating site, and had the DNA from 17 different men and a wild boar smeared across his face. They also reported his will had been changed using a chunky wax crayon and his body bore marks similar to a 'Wolverine on Speed' attack.

    Ther will be threads on here:
    RIP GT2001, he took the cyber equivilant of a jog across a minefield.

    I pray for your safety my man.
  6. This will either be holed or I'll be deleted. Hohum..... :roll: Sorry if anyone was offended.
  7. I'm having a perv on there ya cheeky cnuts. FYI the blerks are much stranger than the women.
  8. Can I surmise that a certain loony fucking harridan formerly from Worthing and latterly of Hereford is a solid feature of

    A mate of mine (and a regular arrser as it happens) swears by the website. He's had more fucks off it than a coloured chap at an all girls school. (quantity as opposed to quality is his watch word ;) ).
  9. Actually might have done something right for once? (praying and sweating but still can't quite resist....) Nope, feck it I'm still on. :lol:

    Breaking News: Tremaine has bagged one, on the way to my location now in a Taxi and Tremaine never lies. Photos anyone? must go, bog to clean, bed to make, mess to clear up and I have ten minutes :?
  10. Sweet jesus.... have already been propositioned twice for sexual activities.... this is great.

    Especially when I said to them both that I would prefer to have knitting needles in my eyes than make the beast with 2 backs with them, they don't take criticism well do they!

  11. In car salesman speak, shes a fat gobby tart who needs to be punched in the throat to be told shes wrong.

    The website is an entire range template for those birds who you'd normally want to glass in a pub. more like.
  12. Just let me know when I have to invest a new wedding suit, for the first ever Arrse wedding..........

    ....I can use the same suit for the funeral a few days later!
    See below.