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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BossHogg, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. As you fine chaps and chapesses are aware I recently had a problem with my pooter, I've reinstalled XP and everything is running better than it ever did. The only problem I've got is that i've now lost sound. I've run the device manager and it's saying all the hardware is installed correctly and working, however when I click onto audio and sound in the control panel, it's saying I have no audio device, suggestions please, I've got a 9yr old whinging cos he can't watch his favourite cartoons on youtube :roll:
  2. Any idea what sound card you've got? May need to install the card again, or update it.
  3. Acording to my Belarc scan, I've got Avance AC97 audio and MPU-401 compatible midi device. All foreign to me!!
  4. PM Inbound.
  5. Have you installed/updated all drivers? When I reformatted my computer I had issues with sound, updating my motherboard drivers fixed it though.
  6. Tried the mute key on the keyboard?
  7. As stated in the opening post, he has opened Audio & Sound in his Control Panel and is coming up with no sound device found.

    Does that answer your question?
  8. Alright, keep your hair on.
  9. Is that it? Gob off back to him. Fcuking gobby crow cnut that he is.
  10. No chance, he's a scouse warrior. Fookin well ard they are.

    No, really.
  11. He's a cadet. Obviously he'll be an expert on everything PC related as it'll be the only thing he's had an orgasm with.
  12. We both are!! :wink:
  13. :D All sorted, found a driver disc in amongst all the rubbish that came with the pooter, loaded and all sorted, thanks for your help RW
  14. A bit late, I know, but "dxdiag" typed into the /Start/Run box will launch an application that allows you to check your audio circuits.

  15. He REINSTALLED the operating system = no audio device driver in the registry, come on chaps, wake up