No sound watching youtube

It's happened to me a few times... But on Safari rather than firefox.
There's been comments on Youtube saying it's a server-based streaming error. That said, if it's a permanent problem with your bowser, it might be worth a quick re-install
Also might be worth noting that in some videos if the owner diddnt ask permission for the artists music to be played in their video youtube removes the soundtrack due to copyright stuff.

Might be worth trying to watch some 'youth' revving his motorbike on youtube to see if you get sound from that.

failing that, god knows lol
I hope you won't think I am patronizing you but have you checked if the volume control for Firefox is up? Nowadays, you can control volumes for individual applications independent of the master volume control.
I had the same problem last week, I Updated my flash player, tried using Google chrome & Firefox to no avail. It turned out that my sound device was de-selected in my audio properties.

Hope this helps.

Does it work on Redtube :roll:


got rid of safari pc and gone to firefox that resolved my issues immediately.
Sorted now, The problem was the sound had been disabled the solution is to open the speaker on the taskbar then click on mixer it had been disabled in there
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