No Snatch for him then

so i guess you would have to pick it up and drop it in the sea to kill him then
DozyBint said:
Funniest bit of information on that link - the driver's window opens by 3 inches "so the driver can pay a toll" - as if!
If true, it also points out a weak(ish) spot
Check out the back up waggon on U tube minigun included Sorry cant do a linki
tropper66 said:
Check out the back up waggon on U tube minigun included Sorry cant do a linki
"Even more scary than a rupert wiv a map"

PS A straight copy & paste, from the address bar of the site in question, is the easiest way.
So, the CIA driver wasn't trained by Jim Short[t] then? I'm sure there's a course on how to pay tolls through a window slit in Ninja style to ward off sniper bullets or a gas attack or rocket launched , etc..

If there isn't I'm sure Jim is planning one now..


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sc_obvious said:
Unbelievable - why would the CIA train the driver ?
Thats just some horsesh1t from the article. It will be in house Secret Service training.

Modern day CIA training seems to consist mainly of handing over huge suitcases to double - dealing Afghani Warlords. Who wear the 'Oh my God, what a mug' expression/smile of Costa Del Sol tat sellers when in receipt of said suitcases.
Was standing outside the FBI building in 2005 when the current presidential convoy went past. You'd honestly need nothing short of an infantry coy to get through the security screen, or a suicide HGV-bomb if you don't have the people to hand.
I know that the Pres gets a new chair made (by an unnamed company) for each incumbant, does the Pres get a new car each time too?

Remember teh Pres visiting NI, class. Got a good look at the kit (from a far). Saw a tele programme on one of hte Presmobiles, in which a ex(?) USSS fella recounted the story of a bodyguard getting his arm in the way of one of the doors.... which was then promptly broken, badly (the arm not hte door :) )

Why hasn´t tone and gordo got one? It must have crossed their minds? Maybe the USSS would do us a good deal on George´:s
Why does it need a petrol tank if it has a diesel engine :?
Am I being stupid or is this major major overkill? And 8 miles to the gallon? Is there not a security issue stopping to fill up, or can the driver do it with a long arm through his three inches of open window?
The limo that will transport Barack Obama to his inauguration has been transformed by the team from MTV’s Pimp My Ride. The car, a Cadillac limousine, has blue fluorescent lights under the chassis, enlarged wheel arches and flames painted all over the bodywork.

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