No Smoking in English Pubs After July 2007

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Interceptor, Nov 30, 2006.

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    So, no smoking in pubs after next July. Great news if you ask me.

    Interceptor lights the blue (tobacco stained) touchpaper and withdraws...
  2. Bollox! The nanny state dictating again!!

    If you don't want second hand smoke, go to a non smoking pub. Smoking in the office? NO! Eating Houses NO! But it's YOUR CHOICE! if you don't want to smell smoke dont go to a smoking establisment. Smoking at work it a sore point, If you want a smoke, go outside. The over kill comes from the Arrseholes who not only want you outside, but at least 5m from a path and not on MOD property full stop!!!!!! (Think Sennybridge now in the depth of winter, because thats how ludicus it's getting!!!) Before long these TWAT's will ban you from smoking on tour as it a health hassard!
  3. Don't worry, I will. After 1 July 07 they all will be non smoking pubs. Bingo!
  4. Well we've had it for a while up here now and I gotta admit I like it. Have since given up smoking... umm again... but hadn't when it first came into effect, I cursed and swore at the fact that i had to leave my drink behind and venture out into the cold all for a fag. However when I woke up to not smelling like a tobacco factory and was able to move about without keeping an eye out for potential drunken burn incidents I changed my mind pretty fast. Easier to give up too seeing as leaving my mates (ok my drink) to go and stand outside for 10 mins every so often became boring and tedious.
  5. Human Rights...Discrimination........?

    I form a club that clearly specifies smokers only ..I assume I would have to make arrangements for non smokers to join....they could stand outside for 25 mins in every hour. Thats equality is it not?
  6. The reasoning behind it is to protect the brewing industry from nasty expensive litigation by customers and employees. HMG know a threat to their income streams when they see it, and will move heaven and earth to keep taxes and revenues flowing.

    A beneficial side effect (purely unintentional) is that people will have years added to their life expectancy. HMG, because it speaks with forked tongue, would have you believe that this is all done in your interest, because they care about you, the lying scheming two-faced tw@ts.
  7. Now hear this, once they've got rid of the cigar smokers they'll be banning the sale of port. Ladies withdrawing and leaving the blokes to their banter after that. Slippery slope, wedge thick end of...
  8. S*d smokers. Selfish bas=ards with no consideration for anyone else. I've never smoked but I had the misfortune to work behind a bar for 4 years - No choice, we owned the place! - My Med results said I was a heavy smoker when I took the mobilisation tests.

    My father was a 40 a day man - it killed him way too early. Never had time to enjoy his retirement.

    Ban it. Full stop. Tax fags at £50 a packet, I don't care. Just stop people from wasting their lives and health ...
  9. I hate smoking. Can't understand it and never will. I hate smoke filled pubs, BUT I choose to drink there regardless and that's my choice. I'm not a f*cking idiot and I don't appreciate being treated as so by mother blair.

    If smoking is legal then surely a pub should have the right to allow people to smoke if they want to. And if that's still no acceptable, smoking and non smoking areas would do the job.
  10. Glad to hear it's being banned. About bloody time.
  11. Smoking has been banned indoors across the pond in Florida now for at least 3 years and it's great. Hair and clothes don't stink after a night out, if you want a smoke you go outside, granted it is a hell of a lot warmer here but when it is cold (ish!) you find that actually you don't really want a fag that badly after all.

    So it's a good thing all round.
  12. Does the ban extend to Messes as well? Since it covers private clubs it seems possible but not a foregone conclusion.
  13. It's banned in a lot of messes already as far as I'm aware.
  14. From 0600hrs 31 Jan 06 smoking will be banned from all MOD property, including Messes, but with the exception of your rooms.
  15. Why can't pubs just have seperate smoking rooms like they used to? The smokers could go into that room and enjoy their fags with their drink away from the bleating none smokers. Its called compromise!
    Years ago, you could smoke on the upper decks of buses, but not downstairs which was fairy nuf....but guess what........the none smokers would sit upstairs even though there were plenty of seats downstairs and then whinge :twisted: Just the same as they would invade the smoking rooms in pubs...and whinge! :twisted:
    If i go into a none smoking restaurant i dont moan about the fact that i can't smoke, i just wait until i'm outside and then light up.
    I smoke because i choose to smoke just as the none smokers choose not to, its perfectly legal so why should none smokers have it all their own way?