No Six-monthly?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Jip Travolta, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. I've been royally shafted in my SJAR or whatever they call it these days. Aren't we supposed to get a mid-year appraisal at the six month point first?

  2. What corps? what rank?

    Yes you should have a 6 monthly, if you havent had an asjar, innitiate one yourself on JPA.
  3. Yes, but "supposed to" is the term used.

    Did you ask your boss for a mid-year appraisal when it was due?

    Under the new way of doing things, that is what should happen!

    The important thing is where do you go from here?

  4. No. I didn't know I could/should.

    Ok, fair do's. I'll know next time.

    The important thing is where do you go from here?
    Not sure there. Thing is; the cnuts have wrecked a four-year streak of recommendations and their 'beef' with me is really, really petty but they won't change it. Pointless fighting it too as I've not been there long so it'll only make matters worse.

    It was also explained to me that I would never be able to compete with 'their lads' [their trade lads] in the SJAR stakes... :roll: WTF?

    They also admitted that they had nothing / no criteria with which to judge my work. So just how the f*ck can they judge me?

    Cheers, no matter. Out soon. What a farce the Army has become.
  5. Yes treacle, you should have had one, sometimes (like 108*s) we don't get one, story of my life.

    If you think it is worth kicking up a stink, do it. Otherwise you will get it 3 days before you get your CR (bladda yadda same same). PM me if you want to know how it works.

    Love and wet ones, Dale xxx

    *108? Not just yet thanks,I'll write my own if that's ok with you.
  6. My follow-up question would be "what, exactly, is your complaint?"

    Then, what is the grade and what, roughly, did the script say?

    Have you discussed the report with your 1RO?

  7. Check you out getting all fussy!
  8. Is that to me or from me to them?

    Then, what is the grade and what, roughly, did the script say?

    As we all know, grades mean shit.

    [swearing's censored here now? Blimey]

    I made a 'technical error'. On one occasion. No problem admitting it either - I was tired and was having a bad day. Nobody died. Nobody got injured. No money was lost. No extra work for someone else was created. No big deal - at all. Not even the QM's tea went cold. They joked about it and took the piss. I even got a joke 'award' at a function from the 2RO for my balls-up. He said 'it's nothing personal'... ho-ho!' :roll: How we chuckled.

    And now, just days laterthis shit? Yes, it's f*cking personal. 2RO is leaving shortly so it's apparent he's done the 'leader of men' thing and stabbed some backs, mine included - like the wretched coward he is.

    Have you discussed the report with your 1RO?
    That was who I discussed it with. Said the report had been formulated 'via committee' i.e. 1RO, 2RO and some other. He seemed very uncomfortable with what was in it so I'm assuming it wasn't what he would have put himself... and had been heavily influenced by the 2RO.
  9. situation looks simples pimples to me. No mid year + not happy with SJAR = REDRESS + win :)
  10. If you are out soon, then any advice is nugatory.

    A B- is a good grade. But what did the write-up say?

  11. 'Soon' - as in five/six years. :wink:

    It'll 'give the game away' if I quote the write-up (or even hint at it) so I won't go there. Basically, it said I lacked confidence (ha!) and had made a 'shaky start'. Which is utter BS.

    Having just come from SF (incl 3 tour extensions and recommended for promotion four times on the trot by them) I just find all this particularly galling.

    I've already passed the 1RO write-up back to him after ammendment so it's too late to redress that I would think.

    No matter - I'll just work to job spec now. No more 'can do, will do'.

  12. Jip, you know that won't work. PM me with what it says if you want, and I will pick out the good bits for you and and the bits you need to redress. Then sell it on the internet. Heheheheeee.

    No seriously, if you need a hand, PM me.

    Dale T (Scourge of the Earth) xxx
  13. I had a similar problem You can only redress fact, it may be his opinion that you are a stroker, thats his opinion and you cannot change that. i submitted a grevience without redress which is your written account of the facts/concerns that will accompany your SJAR. All because i transfered and they got bitter.

    Shite i know, but if you had a technical error, that is fact and will never change. But if he stated things that didnt happen you have grounds for redress.

    Either way good luck!!!
  14. Technical error, fair do's - but to trash someone's chances of promotion because of an uncharacteristic, one-off bad day is way, way beyond reason in my opinion.

    There are other ways though. :wink:
  15. It is hard to stomach i know, i would write your formal letter to accompany sjar, redress is a word that is banded around to easily when the process is very complex, dependant what rank you are to. In my case it would have been seen at 1 star level and any Bde Comd worth his salt will more than likely back his commanding officer, and only 1 word may be changed in SJAR. the question i asked was does the risk outway the benefit and the answer was no.

    Im sure the slug will be able to tell you the detail. if your not happy do what i did and pop smoke!

    Good luck