No significance in the names of these accused then ?


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Very unusual indeed. Pakistani sounding names like 'Ahmed', 'Mohammed' and the ones in the article are something of a rarity these days.

It's all about the Russians these days. It's like they took the Ipswich phone directory and just added the word 'Ski' to the end of every surname.
bollocks to 'facing up to sexual abuse in <insert group/religion/colour etc here>'. Why do we have to get obsessed with any particular group? surely we need to tackle sexual abuse in the UK. That's it, doesn't matter where they originated, who they have abused. anything else just upsets delicate flowers like Bouncebanana and cause him to type more drivel on the internet.
BB - there is more than enough utter tripe on the internet, stop adding to it.


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No significance in the names of the accused. None whatsoever. They remain innocent until found guilty.

However, there appears to be something really nasty about your post bouncebanana, I can take your repetitive posts of gun clubs in Kent, and will throw the occasional Kent Police joke your way, but this is a little unsettling. Your insinuation regarding the typically muslim names of the accused is just plain old racism, with more than a touch of aggravation. I think that you are trying to inflame a situation, which if it were not for its racist overtone would be pathetic and pointless. You have managed to inflame the situation, but not in the way you want. You have changed my opinion of you from a harmless but silly old bastard to someone who is bordering on criminal activity and should be stopped.

Please consider that I have qualifications in counselling, and can deal with the most difficult psychological problems. Should you, in your despair and anger towards almost everyone, decide to hang yourself, please call me and I will visit you just to hang on to your legs to make sure.

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