No Shit Sherlock

I don't know about that cernunnos however everytime you post, mine ends up being crushed in a Vulcan death grip. Please change your sig block- it's affecting my life :)
That reminds me of a very old gag...........
Studies have been done to establish why a penis has a bulbous head.
French women say it's to give the man more pleasure.
Italian men say it is to give the woman more pleasure
Irish men say it is to stop your hand sliding off.
Does this mean we can stop lying?
Thank God for that. It'll compensate for my lack of... er... everything else.
I only ever met one bird who thought my stalk was too short, but then again she thought my Thermos flask was a sex toy.
Like we all give a shit what a woman thinks as long as we can stick what we've got in her?

Mine makes me cum everytime I use it with a woman, how fucking good is that. :)
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