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No Sh*t Sherlock.....

Why does a defence lawyer bring this up?

He added that both Ankrah's grandmother and mother had been heroin addicts.
No one cares, it doesn't excuse or explain why he is a drug dealing/muleing waste of skin.

And as for the defences beleif that he is determined (as shown by his refusal to sh1t), if he was that fcuking determined he'd be clean and staying away from the illegal narcotic trade wouldn't he?

Shame one didn't burst....

Maybe the cops should have the power to just punch people in the stomach if suspected of having condoms of heroin or crack in their intestines.
Shame the Police Surgeons aren't allowed to perform "Inter-body" searches. A scalpel would have done the job quicker.
And saying his Grannie and Mum were addicts should have gone against him. Surely he'd have known the effects of this junk?

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