No scan, no flight at Heathrow and Manchester

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Which idiot thought this one up? Surely any real would be terrorist would just use any of the other UK airports not taking part in this scheme, or they would just fly/drive/sail to Europe and hop on a flight there to get to their final destination with 72 virgins :roll:

    "Some passengers at Heathrow and Manchester airports will have to go through full body scanners before boarding their flights under new rules.

    It is now compulsory for people selected for a scan to take part, or they will not be allowed to fly"
  2. Maybe this is going to be rolled out across all British airports in due course?

    Either way, flying is no longer fun or quick (certainlu nationally). By the time you've checked in and gone through all security, it's almost quicker to catch a train.
  3. Which idiot thought this one up?

    Actually I did!
  4. well if they are.. it should be rolled out to every airport in the world, as whats the point having high security one end and a massive weakness elsewhere? All it does is make flying hell for normal joe public, whilst mr jihad just rolls up to a less known airport with his trusty plastic filled soft drinks bottles :roll:
  5. But not cheaper. Interestingly, I haven't been required to remove my shoes recently. I went out and bought slip-ons to make life easier and now I feel used and unhappy every time I'm inspected at Gatwick.
  6. the key is to be sporting a convoy cock

    I'll be frotting myself up a little prior to scanning
  7. How will this effect people who have shooting as a hobby, or squaddies who spend a few hours on the range ...
  8. Good point. I go through every time with a small unsealed bottle of gyceryl trinitrate (nitroglycerin) in my pocket, which you'd have thought would cause an MP5 to be jammed up my nostril in short order but... er, nothing.
  9. You get arrested. Same as I do on and off.
  10. How long before Ryanair and others find a way to charge for this.
  11. Not naked in the normal sense, but looking at the pictures, unless i'm mistaken the blokes doofer can quite clearly be seen?

    If the security wont be able to recognise who the scanned body belongs to, then is there really much point to the whole excercise? What happens if someone is scanned with a suspicious package etc? Keep all the passengers behind until the culprit owns up?
  12. Ha Ha!
    I think that might bring on an alternative " arrest" scenario
  13. Can't we just walk people one by one through a giant detonator thingy in a reinforced cubicle? Anyone carrying explosives blows up in a nice controlled environment, quick hose down of the walls and hey presto, ready for the next one.

    We could even put photos of virgins on the walls if it'd make them feel better!
  14. Don't be daft - where in the UK are you going to find a virgin, never mind a photo of one!