No SASR in Africa claims Minister

Dunno, but very interesting that a denial has been issued.
Can't win if they are lieing they are in the shit.
If they deny it journos won't stop.
See British army spokesman Denys troops are smuggling honey badgers into Iraq and putting snakes inte canals.:)
nope, and there are not several PMC type companys in central africa right now using ROV's to 'chart' various things and areas, nor are large (western) multinationals waving millions under to noses of unelected despots to ensure mineral/resource rights......

you would think that the west has woken up to the fact that a certain east asian nation has been trying to monopolise the continent for themselfs over the last few decades, especialy when those western heads have been distracted by events in the middle east........

its The Scramble for Africa V2.0

"and the wheels on the bus go around and....."
Nice of our wonderful media to release this. Wonder who leaked it?
I don't think it's fair dinkum myself.

Africa tends to be a "British" area of operations and there are a lot of mobs there who could do the job cheaper and less obtrusively than our blokes. There are only so many "Rugby teams" that can go through Maputo/Jo'burg Airport unoticed.
Probably working with the American Special Operations Forces in Uganda attempting to eradicate the Lord's Army.
Lot of prominent (rich and influential) African American Democrats (I was talking to one just this weekend) used their influence to have Obama send troops into Uganda.

All kinds of 'new' ostensibly civilian US organisations operating in central Africa right now concentrating on the Democratic Republic of the Congo - all part of the new policy to stop the spread of Chinese influence - of which the Australian government have more than a passing interest.


There's a lot of nice mineral stuff over there that Oz mining companies would be very keen to get their hands on. Especially before the Chinese do.
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