No RMP jobs untill 2008?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Bourne, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, Im going to selection this week, and hopefully if i pass i want to go for RMP, but heres the problem my recruiter says there are no RMP jobs available untill next year, and is trying to get me to go for something else. Is he bluffing because certian corps are down on numbers?, or do you think he is telling the truth. I dont really want to go for anything else but rmp. Should i stick to my guns and wait for a year or what? Thanks for any responses.
  2. The army is low on numbers in all corps and trades. Some more so than others. Sounds like my initial attempts to join the RE.
  3. It really wouldnt do you any harm if you go for something else and then transfer to RMP later, my advice is get a trade or even do a few years in the infantry and get some soldiering experiance then tranfer accross. When you go through training then with your military experiance you will find it easier and when you come to deal with squaddies on the ground you will be seen in a differnet light to a wet behind the ears lance jack. Im not saying that joining straight up as a direct entrant is a bad thing but this is another option if you cannot join rmp straight away and it is a good option.
  4. Unfortunatley i cant do inf because i am female, so they are pushing me for clerk. The only problem there is the pay, i would end up losing 5 grand a from what im on now.Any more suggestions? Cheers
  5. The penny drops.

    If you can do the job be stubborn and go for it. If not embrace the desk
  6. Sound advice. It used to be par for the course at one time, indeed in days of yore there were no DE’s into RMP.
  7. Training - Yes, but you'll be training twice and the first time around you'll still know nothing.

    Dealing with squaddies - I don't think many squaddiess will give a 4X what your were before, you'll be RMP and they'll hate you. 'Oh, she's alright 'cos she spent 2 years in the Signals.' Won't be what they're thinking I bet. Also, unless your prepared to do a fair few years elsewhere chances are you'll still be a Lance Jack on joining RMP.
  8. Do not be put off by the Recruiting Sgt as he is briefed on what trades are short. I know that they are calling out for clerks at the moment and he will push to get you into that role so stick to your guns and push for RMP all the way and you will not be dissapointed. As for getting experience in another trade before joining RMP, I do not think it will matter as a lot of the transferees into RMP are not all that. Do not get me wrong, some are excellent, however, you still get those who were going nowhere in their old trade and so transfer into RMP knowing they will be full screws within a couple of years.
  9. Stick to your guns mate and don't budge. Is one year in a job outside of the army really that bad? Go and get fit, have some fun and some nice holidays and when all that is done take the shilling and go for it. If he is pulling the wool you will be in faster then you like and if not you will have a years wait.

    Trust me when I say that a year goes fast!!!
  10. Why don't you apply for a commission to another Corps. Have 6 good fun years and at the rank of Captain, when you're not making the grade, rather than throw you out, your CO will invite you to transfer to RMP as you'll be guaranteed Major. Its all the rage.
  11. Its true no vacancies till at least Jan 2008 i have a young women in the same poition :cyclopsani:

  12. Sounds interesting.
  13. Bourne if you really want it, stick to your guns and do NOT take another trade.They tried it with me many moons ago and i told them it was RMP or nothing.I wouldn't even give them a second choice.They then did it to a friend of mine. She ended up in a trade she hated and never got her transfer making her disillusioned with the Army and leaving at earliest opportunity.
    Avre , then tell them to apply through Lancaster, as the above mentioned friend has enquired about going back in as RMP.They are just about biting her hand off to get her in. There has been absolutely no mention of lack of vacancies.They reckon they could have her in , in a matter of a few months.
  14. Sounds like boolacks to me. My step dad was a recruiter a few years before I applied and told me they would try to steer me into something mainstream due to the pressure put upon them to fill large regiments.

    When I applied, the shangai merchant (sorry, recruiter) told me RMP was a no go because of the waiting time, but RA was available. So muggins here joined the RA, did the bleeders really enjoyed field gunnery only to get posted to AD. Did 2 years with 16 AD and then transferred to RMP carrying a few death threats with me :)

    I did find though that I progressed much quicker than DEs tho.

    Moral- they will lie and cheat to fit their quotas...hang on doesn't everyone do that? Stick to your guns, go for RMP they will have you.
  15. Have been reliably informed that there are no RMP vacancies until Nov 07, the AGC recruiting team are pushing most in the SPS direction. But stick to your guns, thats what I am doing for my transfer. Best of luck.