No Rioting Tonight's raining.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Being that it is pissing down over most of the UK today and tonight, i bet that all rioting stops, or at least goes dramatically minimal, because these little cunts don't want to get wet do they?

    That's how hard these spineless retard's are!

    Hey! Cue the water cannon's ... About 5000 of them sounds about right! :)
  2. Doubt it my friend has just seen a load of riot vans heading south nr J36 of the M1
  3. Need to rob Blacks and Milletts then get some wetweather gear innit
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  4. you're not wrong, PC rain normally sorts things out. I reckon they should have used the fire hoses at a high angle to drench the lot of them. Better still, add orange dye to the water and then arrest anyone coloured orange afterwards.
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  5. Never understood why the UK has such a downer on water cannon for controlling civil disorder - if for nothing else then at least to get causing trouble cold and wet - I've a feeling that in the UK that should dampen the enthusiasm of plenty of those precious little darlings.
  6. In our current touchy feely can't hurt the litttle darlings climate. Water cannon would be fine, don't use the jet function which can cause injuries. Use the spray and soak them, cold and wet maybe with dye added as above. Even a magistrate can see you can't get marked if you're not there?
    If after an order to disperse has been given, you get sprayed, you were there illegally. No argument, dyed=guilty. Lock 'em at your leisure.
    Need something that would stain for weeks though.
    Surely that would be an easy law to pass?
  7. I remember watching German water cannons training before the Queens jubilee parade in Germany, one blast sent a 50gal drum flying through the air. Thats the kit to use.
  8. No rioting because it's raining!!!,,you need to come to my garden,them frogs and snails are all gang banging and disturbing my fish,,Animals all of em...

  9. If the weatheris good enough for them to riot. it probably means we have a hosepipe ban.
  10. Fuck me it's kicking off in dublin now!! Paddy's just smashed the screen on his laptop trying to loot ebay!!!!
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  11. If there's one thing I hate it's fair-weather rioters, cunts.
  12. Trackies arent good wet weather gear and brand new white trainers get ruined in puddles.
  13. In a years time it will all start again, loads of coloureds from foreign countries running as fast as they can and trying to to take home gold or silver. That will probably start with a shot from a pistol aswell.
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  14. Have you heard they're rioting in Ireland now. They started looting Argos last night and they're still waiting at collection point C.
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  15. Also, I'm guessing that a lot of them can't swim.
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