No Reward for Failure!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. A peerage has been given to Martin the 'sacked' Speaker.

    How low can this government stoop?
  2. It's tradition and as much as i hate it i really don't think it could have been stopped. If it had been stopped then Labour and to a degree Parliament would have created the ultimate scapegoat for the past 2 months. He was a shit speaker but then again we have had shit speakers before and they never got their peerages taken from them.
  3. It could easily have been stopped - so they have rewarded failure!
  4. Doesn't the Army have a similar system whereby no matter how crap a Captain you are, you will still be a Major one day?
  5. No - if you are sh1te somebody should sort you.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Or promote you out of the way...
  7. Indeed so! 8)

    One of the biggest thr0bbers I ever met made full Colonel - and he was a fcuking coward. GW 1 - locked himself in an NBC shelter - and everybody else was outside.


    But he should have been sorted :twisted:
  8. I feel he was made a scapegoat for all the other MP's who have happily used the MP Expense system to the full, regardless of how morally right that was.

    Rewarding failure? They've been doing it for years...
  9. The bloke was as thick as mince, and had the articulate dexterity of a bumbling village idiot. sums up most of liabour really

    To the streets (the Outrage bus is VOR) and sing songs of protest
  10. msr

    msr LE

    What utter crap. This is the man who spent £21,516 of taxpayers' money to 'challenge negative press' and who spent a reported £150,000 trying to stop the people of this country from finding out how their money was being spent by MPs on 'expenses' in a four year legal battle.

  11. The only question for Martin was was he leading from the front or pushing from behind.

    Not only did ne not act more forcefully to get the rules changed he ensured that his staff in the commons only applied the rules in their widest interpretations. He allowed MPs to brow beat staff into accepting their dodgy claims, allowing them to claim that because they were accepted they were within the rules. His final disgrace was to try and palm the disgrace of his failures onto other MPs. He may not have been from the Gorbals or called Mick and I would suggest that any Mick who did come from the Gorbals would be insulted to be confused with ex speaker martin
  12. Is there a link for this peerage? I cant find it anywhere.
  13. It was announced in the Commons by an 'officer' of Her Majesty's Household - in reality a Labour Whip. :x

    PS: I cannot find any reference on the BBC website. However, we were given a recording of the announcement in the House of Commons yesterday, on this mornings Today programme.

    Doubtless some BBC apparatchik is even now being transported to Lubianka for thought correction. Good old 'independent' BBC! :(
  14. Now, I'm not a particularly religious person... but what ever happened the notion of Karma, eh? Good things happening to good people and if you live a worthless, corrupt, self-serving life you get your comeuppance? Not seen much of that lately... just the reverse in fact!

    Come on you deities - with the very greatest respect - get your respective fingers out!
  15. Quite right.
    Spending our money to stop us finding out how our money was being squandered. Then there was the ridiculous case of a certain Tory MP getting arrested in his office because the Sergeant at Arms didn't even know to ask for a warrant and then let them in. She should never have been appointed and they broke with tradition in doing so.
    Gorbals Mick was deeply entrenched in the expenses trough and a prime mover in the whole fiasco, he should be investigated for fraud.