No release for Finucane killer

(From the BBC's website)

'No release' for Finucane killer

Ken Barrett was convicted of the murder in September
The loyalist convicted of murdering Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane has been told he does not qualify for early release under the Good Friday Agreement.
Ken Barrett was sentenced to 22 years in September after pleading guilty to the 1989 murder, but it was thought at the time he could be freed by March.

But he has now been told he does not qualify because he is not serving his sentence in Northern Ireland.

The killing was one of the most controversial of the 30 years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, mainly because of the allegations of collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and members of the security forces.

After conviction, Barrett, 42, was transferred to London's Belmarsh Prison because of threats against him.

The decision by the Sentence Review Commission which runs the release programme means he may be forced to serve the minimum 22 years behind bars recommended when he pleaded guilty to murder.

His solicitor Joe Rice claimed that the body had made an error.

"They misdirected themselves in law and effectively didn't give him an opportunity to have his application fully and properly considered," he said.

"Ken Barrett continues to be a sentenced prisoner under the regime applicable to Northern Ireland.

"He's still very much part and parcel of the Northern Ireland criminal process.

"We now have instructions from him by telephone that he wishes to appeal this decision."

It is expected that a three-member panel from the Commission will be asked to review the decision.

Under the early release programme, terrorists convicted before the April 1998 Good Friday Agreement who had served at least two years in prison were considered for release.

The scheme, which saw some of Northern Ireland's most notorious killers walk free, is one of the most controversial strands of the peace process.


Bet he's out soon then.......
seems like its ok for the provos to get out but not the loyalists :roll:

fecking typical double standards

agent smith
Did we expect anything else???

Makes a complete mockery of the whole GF thing. Can we expect all known former players to be on the New Years Honours list too?

I'm pretty sure this Govn cannot crawl any lower. Then again......
hang on that seems a bit unfair javascript:emoticon(':(')
I'm all for this man serving his sentence until he is dead.

As long as all the other murdering scumbags are put back inside until they are dead.


P.S. Good Friday agreement?

I didn't vote for it, nor did ANY of my family OR friends.

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