No quarters available- anyone know SSFA rates?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pootle, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. I called my new duty station dhe today to ask for addresses to apply for, only to be told there were a shortage of quarters and I'd need to put my paperwork in quick otherwise I'll get a private hiring!! Needless to say, I feel a delay coming on with my application... Just thought I'd better check out how much we actually get to spend (per month) first though. My entitlement is for a 2 bedroom. Anyone know?
  2. There's probably many here who can answer your question better than I, but a few years ago I received a posting to Bristol and told there were no FQs there, so I would be renting.

    Apparantly an 'organisation' (I can't remember who) sorts it all out for you and you end up living in a rented house, paying for a married quarter of a similar grade through your pay. The owner of the house receives their rent via the MOD, so I don't think you're paid an allowance.

    I can't say much more as my posting order was changed and I didn't get the job; therefore didn't live in private hiring.

    Personally though, I'd prefer a married quarter on a patch; close to work, than some private hiring; maybe isolated; miles from my place of duty.
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Doesn't anyone on this board ever visit the MOD site?

    Quarter Charges
  4. Soldier_why. Have you any idea when the rates for 06/07 will be available ?
  5. Whe the publish the 2006 armed forces pay review probably in March.
  6. i had a private hiring when i moved here from germany, it was a nightmare. my rental allowance was £750 a month, but the standard of accommodation and service from the landlords was terrible, not just for me but all of the pads at our unit as there are no qtrs here either. plus, you have to have whatever minging carpets and wallpaper they put in in 1976, getting repairs done is a nightmare, and you are charged at the highest standard of accom by the army whatever the state of the house you end up in.

    take a qtr
  7. Soldier_Why, thanks for link but from what I can see it only gives quarter charges - I already know these. It's how much they will pay for private hiring per month I wanted to know to see whether there is anything decent in the area for the price.

    I was looking forward to being on camp again but as the nearest nursery is a few miles away we're going to have to drive there and back twice a day whereas we could rent next to nursery, drive to work and its only 1 return journey.
  8. I had this problem. I asked for a three bedroom quarter so I could have a seoerate office. I was told to p155 off as I have no kids. I went to get a 2 bedrrom quater only to be told there were none available so I would have to have a private hiring. The irony was that there were only 3 bedroom private hirings available. DHE were willing to pay £500 ish (which is the ceiling for rental payments for a 2 bed private hiring) for a 3 bed hiring whilst only getting normal quater rates back off me because it wasn't my fault that I was in a 3 bedroom house. Why they can't be sensible and just say here, have an available quarter rather than pay through the nose whilst get minimal rent from the squaddie I don't know. In the end I brough my own house.
  9. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    According to the MOD site:

    Single Living Accommodation
  10. Soldier_Why, you really aren't getting this at all are you? I know how much I'll have to pay for my accommodation, what I wanted to know was how much rental are the army willing to pay for alternative accommodation per month, ie if it's £500 then I can look and see whether this would get me anything half decent in the area.
  11. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I'm not getting it? Did you actually read the link I provided? Here, I'll help you out:

    I get the impression that you think the Army are going to say to you 'No singlies accommodation pootle, here you go have a couple of hundred of quid extra a month and go and find your own gaff."

    If there is insufficient Single Living Accommodation, the MOD contractor will provide the alternative accommodation - you may well get a limited choice*, but no way are you going to get given money and let make your own arrangements.

    *Although in London it's actually quite a big choice with some rather tasty batchelor pads!
  12. actually they are quite happy for you to make your own arrangements as long as you stay within your rental limit.
  13. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    This may actually be true in some areas whitemouse, i.e. those places that have a very small number of soldiers receiving SSSA.

    However one point I should make is that obviously house rental prices vary wildly across the country, therefore the amount for SSSA in London say, will be greater than that of Scotland.

    So, if the individual is allowed to search for their own accommodation this amount will be set locally, therefore asking about 'the Army level' of SSSA is redundant. This information will obviously be held by the unit concerned, therefore I suggest that should be the first port of call regarding finances.
  14. quite right, but where i am there are 12 mod quarters i think, and in excess of 600 phase 2 trainees and permanent staff, single and married who all need to be housed in civvy accom, so obviously they are only too happy to let the people who can be arsed to source their own property, and will tell you the rental allowance according to your rank .
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