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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thebc, May 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks
    I initially wanted to join the army as an officer but it seems that i dont have the ucas points to do so. This i would mainly put down to not being the most dedicated student the british education system ever had the pleasure of dealing with (also i was a participant of an extended work experience programme throughout my final years of secondary education which meant i didnt do official GCSE's but did an apparent equivalent called Certificates of Acheivements). My point is however im now 24 and reasonably well self educated and practical, is there any possibility i could be deemed suitable as a potential officer on any other merit ie leadership qualitys, showing people my robot dance, touching up my superiors, etc while at selection or basic?

    I will be expecting some form of twat-bagish replys to this post but would be very grateful to whoever can advise me correctly.
    thanks in advance
  2. Why would you want to touch up your superiors ?
    i dont think they will like that !!
    you do know you would be breaking sexual harassment laws and assault.

    Firstly would you like it if some guy was to touch you up, oh well looking back you prob that way inclined :D :oops: :D

    Second point : you need the qaulifications for a many diffrent reasons and think you should look into it more on the British Army website as i think your monging it.

    and who wants to see your robot dance what leadership qualitys are in that you mong ! 8O

  3. you could enlist and hope someone sees you as officer material and give you the chance.
  4. Cheers athena that answered the question.
    Glasgow you obviously have no humour now go polish your needles you smack rat :D
  5. super snake im already at interview stage, i have asked these questions at my afco and i wasnt given a straight answer thats why im asking on here just out of interest, either way im going to be joining as a soldier was just interested to know if there was a possibility of a chance.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I think you are buggered if you want to go for officer selection. My only advice is to get signed up as a mature student and getting yourself a degree quick.

    I realise you might struggle getting into even that if you really have no quals. I seem to remember that certs of acheivements were vocational in basis and academically rated below GCSEs - correct me if I'm wrong.

    There is still a chance of being picked up from the ranks if you prove good enough. Remember, you really have to be the best of your peers to be picked. I don't think your age favours you either as it would be unlikely that you would be picked up before you reached a sub rank of at least a Cpl (dependant on corp) and that will take some years. I also have this sneaking suspision that you need some sort of formal qualification to help you along the way there.

    All in all, I'd advise against joining up if your sole aim is to aim to be picked up from the ranks. The odds are stacked against you.

    However, the life is pretty good and the qualifications you have missed to date are obtainable whilst you serve and the responsibility you get as an NCO (assuming you are good enough) is considerable. How about that that as opportunity?
  7. With an attitude like that, I doubt you'd make a decent Private!

    You seem to want it all but not do anything for it.

    Your best bet would be to get your horrible body down to the nearest recruiting office. They'll be able to tell you if you're of the required standard for the Pie n Ear Corps! :)
  8. Needles are polished :D but wtf is a smack rat ?

    and i do have humour its just this is the part to speak serious there is another link for jokes etc :wink:
  9. would love to see him through out training this guy is defo gonna be one thats always in rag order and DAOR asap :D :eek: :D if he makes it as far i would love to see him week 8 on the sweet site of the bayonet training watch him crawl at the back screeching am trying coprall!!!!!
    same applies with tabbing lol
  10. To be picked from the ranks is not the reason im joining i was just interested to know, a career in the armed forces is something ive wanted to do from a young age but due to relationships ,financial commitments and plain stupidity i left it this long. It was only an option i was keen to persue interest in. Im happy to become a soldier and ill be the best soldier i can possibly be.
  11. thats all they ask of you :wink: but even if you go in as a officer you will be doing hard training more intense than infantry and its not all like the movies m8 so i would quit watching them and start putting in some graft.
  12. Glasgow the smack rat comment was my attempt at a heroin addict joke with your name containing glasgow. It was much funnier in my head before typing it out! my bad! :p
  13. I dont understand why Glasgow and smack have the same meaning ? or even definitions !

    i think this is a racial attack towards Scotland and who has the higher population ?

    Scotland or England ?

    So obviously England having the higher population they will have more Druggies and Herion users but since it was funny in your head shows you are no where near the standard the British army would want as an officer !!
    and when did people with major problems in their life become funny i dont think looking at a junkie is funny i just think to myself thats sad and low why they can put them selfs in that position but...

    Pride over Predijuice
  14. you