No Promotion If You Are Broken????

right chaps/doris'.

currently away again & have heard that the corps have implemented a new directive that if you are broken then that is the end of the line for you promotion wise.

can anyone confirm/deny if this is true :?: :?: :?: :?:

does not effect myself but i know one of our sappers was taken off the cadre that he was meant to be on because he is broken (by the army).

cheers for any info.

Broken? Is that sapper-speak for something?

I broke a finger once putting the battery pack onto a 349 (fcuking dangerous things, so they were), but it doesn't seem to have stopped me. But then I'm not a sapper, so that's a totally pointless anecdote.


Don't know the answer to that one Kev, not actually heard anything,
but on a more positive note, the tyres on your Mondeo are flat!!!
The corps were running Lower Medical Category Cadres for a while, cant say whether they still are though. Lets face it, it was pretty much the end of promotion at any time wasnt it?


i had to be 'medicalled' last November, and became 'officially listed as Broken'
when i asked the ''is this the end of the line'', the answer i was given was
a wishy washy 'not neccessarlily'', so neither a 'pos / neg' answer given.
Unfortuantly the answer is yes. It doesn't matter how you have been broken, if you can not do the required promotion course that's you screwed. A guy was deselected for his full screw as he was downgraded after being injured from an RPG strike and as such could not complete the JCC. I think it should be looked at by a case by case basis rather than a broad brush policy. I know why the policy was implemented and it makes sense but there should be some exceptions to the rule.
is this an all ranks ruling????

or will it, as i assume it shall, be selective after jnco????

could cause a mass exodus from the corps.

there could potentially be no res specs/sqms left in the corps.

who the feck thinks up these ideas, someone in handbrake house in glasgow no doubt.
I would love the corps to put it in writing and as im due to deploy soon they cpuld shove it up there arrse.
You wont promote me but will send me away to be mortared every night, lets think this through, er no,
thanks but no I dont think ill bother.
As far as I am aware the sticking point will be the Section Commanders course, although LMC cadre's will not be the norm they may still happen and of course the CO will still have is golden bullets...

Not too sure about the JCC's but certainly getting passed full screw is going to be tricky, sorry but if you want to be Soldier first then Cbt Engr and then trade you have to take the medical conditions into account.

Do Res Spec's do the FSCC? I can't remember if they do or not.
No mate we dont and as 65% of us are broken old knackers its a good job but dont worry the new class 3 res specs are coming and they are awesome (not).
Sad for them really, which young lad new to his unit wants to share his story's with the other lads.
Sect Spr "What a mad day on the ground and the contacts were a bit dodgy"
Class 3 Res Spec " Phew thats nothing mate you want to go and collect stores from the RLC thats rough"

Bit crap for them really I do think the Corps got it wrong when they changed the way the Res Spec world was but hey ho thats puzzle palace for you replace 1 x Res Spec fullscrew with 1 x Class 3 Res Spec and look at the money we save.
My opinion of course.
Cheers H_S,

I thought that was the way it ran, i can remember back to quite a few fieldies who were too badly broken to stay in the ME Cbt stream and made excellent G4 whallas....

I'm sure this CL3 Res Spec will be short term pain for long term gain, the old (and truely powerfull LE's) will make sure it works one way or other....

we all know G4 wins wars, or more likely has become the tail that now wags the dog............

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