No Prison for shoplifters!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theiftaker, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. It's just been on the News that the Goverment is considering not jailing shoplifters unless they have used Violence! What do they consider violence? Must retail staff are women and would only need a "HARD" look to be intimadated. Speaking as a store detective who as been stabbed 4 times with knives and twice with syringes, I think this will be a license to steal. Most of the shoplifters I deal with only get a spell inside on average after up to 20 times been caught and usually only get very small fines (Which they won't pay or go out stealing to fund) or Supervision orders.

  2. If that's the case TT then it's up to you to make sure the little sh1tes 'fall down the stairs' at some point in time (even if you have to drag them up the stairs first!!) :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Shoplifting is just a misdemeanour in Scotland; nowadays they just get charged and released from the police van. What grips my sh1t is the 12 month wait for the case to come up and they change their plea on the day with 2 police officers and 2 or 3 Crown witnesses having wasted their time turning up.
    You can forget the "fall down the stairs" btw; you would be going up the road yourself for that.
  4. Another left wing originated drive against crime, no doubt. I just heard some bird on the radio giving some very wooly statements on the policy, which she finished by saying that is was a neccesary measure, as the prisons were close to full, they had jailed so many criminals.

    This is rot and drivel of the first degree. The judiciary of this country only give jail sentences to the most prevalent and / or violent offenders. The vast majority of those convicted of crimes in this country are awarded fines, community service or suspended sentences.

    The reason our prisons are all overcrowded and full to bursting is not becasue the judiciary have suddenly got a dose of common sense (or been the victims of crime themselves!), it because of the government.

    Before this useless shower of sh1t came to power, an average of 2 new prisons were opened each year. Since they came to power, that has dropped to 1. (No prizes for guessing who has been behind that one, saving money etc!) Given B Liars promise to 'be tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime', the combination of diametrically opposed policies, the one stated, the other most definitely not, was always going to end in tears. Unfortunately, it is the man on the street doing the crying. The idiots who run this country are far too cocooned to be victim to the policies (or the policy failures) they have implemented - or not, as the case may be.

    Incidentally 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'? Don't make me bloody laugh - it was left wing doctrine which removed the stigma from behaving like a criminal, left wing social engineering and doctrine [don't smack your children / treat them like adults] and a left leaning legal establishment, constantly watering down the punishments for crime (it is societys fault you are a criminal etc) which got us where we are in the first place! And the electorate were stupid enough to believe the same clowns who caused the whole mess would clean up! As Littlejohn says, you coulcn't make it up!) It just goes to show you don't always get the government you deserve.
  5. half the shop lifters in brighton at least if not the majority are druggies thats how they fund there habit
    take about 6 months to get them to court they go away for a short time come back out nothings changed just a vast amount of money spent
    catch them lock them up detox them and have a plan to rehab the useless tossers when they come out
  6. Bet they'll still send old grannies to prison though when they can't afford to pay their council tax. And people who flick their ash out of their car windows. This country is just one big joke now.
  7. I think it's brilliant when the government starts to use the excuse of prisons being full to reduce sentences or not jail people. Plain common sense would say that you build more prisons - but that concept is obviously far too difficult for politicians to consider. Instead all of the soft alternatives to prison are used and consequently criminals who should be locked up are allowed to maintain their freedom and carry on with their illegal habits!
  8. Why don't the MOD use their nice hotel facilities at MCTC Colchester to take in those nice shoplifter chaps and chappessess.I'm sure that doing a wee stint at the hotel will discourage them from ever coming back for a second visit or more. If military personell can go their for lesser crimes I'm sure that shoplifters (THIEVES) can be put to hard work.
  9. But does not sending people to prison cost more to the tax payer and make them more likely to reoffend? Where does it all end? how many prisons do we have to build?
  10. The point is that if you commit a crime that has previously resulted in a custodial sentence then a custodial sentence should still be used. Not having enough prison space should not be an issue. We should build as many prisons as are needed to lock criminals up. I personally don't care if it costs the taxpayer more to keep a criminal in jail. The idea is that jail is a punishment where someone loses their freedom. Also while someone is in jail they cannot reoffend!
  11. Penal incarceration is costly and should be reserved exclusively for the most serious cases:

    ** Wearing t-shirts adorned with derogatory remarks about the Prime Minister.

    ** Fox-hunting.

    ** Attributions of homosexuality to police horses.

    ** Reading the names of UK war dead aloud in the vicinity of Parliament.
  12. Stop spending prison budget on TV/Playstation/carpet/fresh food and other such luxuries. Cash saved could be used to build more prisons problem solved........

    Model prisons should be straight from the Victorian era and deter you from committing crime.
  13. Why all the fuss about prison overcrowding? Does anyone care if they're being packed 10+ to a stinking Victorian cell designed for one? I know I don't.
  14. Thieftaker, you sounds like a right lucky b@st@rd :wink:

    Good old Blair. Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime, eh? Labour have more prisons and more prisoners than the Tories ever had. Yet the numbers keep rising. So much for fighting the causes of crime.
  15. They tried it even looking for fit volunteer crims who were not mad or junkies .They did a week then asked to go back to civi nick :p