No poppies in Birmingham?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tothepubandbeyond, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. I am having a lot of trouble finding places that sell poppies in the centre of Birmingham. When i ask in the shops most of the shop assistants say we dont sell them. One girl i asked in woolworths laughed when i asked and i had to be dragged away before i really lost my rag. so is it just me or is anyone else having trouble finding poppies in Birmingham?
  2. Not around here

    Black Watch area
  3. Do a Google and find the RBL Birmingham Branch, then ask them where you can get poppies?
  4. One girl i asked in woolworths laughed when i asked

    Why was she laughing? Was she retarded?
  5. It’s not just Birmingham.
    I live in Surrey, I work in London, and in the past week I haven’t seen 1 poppy collection in any of the shops or pubs I’ve been in… not even on a street corner.

    Last year they could be found everywhere I went, something has changed… :(
  6. Saw them on sale in a petrol station in Sutton yesterday. Apart from that havn't had time to go looking, but they definitely don't hav em in Sainsbury's. Normally I find newsagents are the most likely to have 'em. Have to say though, I haven't had time to look properly yet (and I've already lost the one I got in said petrol station.)
  7. where in london do u work? There's a chap outside monument and outside Moorgate/Mansion House! There are loads of boxes in the big office buildings-although fair enough I am only talking bout the City.

  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Same here in Donaghadee,only the Offie has them at the mo....
  9. I work in the city and in the local area where I work I haven’t seen 1 poppy collection in the cafes, pubs, newsagents, shops, or tube/train station.
    Although there are plenty of collections about for cancer and the disabled.

    The only collection is in my office, it was me who arranged that and at an estimate only a 5th of them have contributed.
  10. Can it be that people are afraid of hanging around with a tray of poppies, and a collecting tin, regarding it as an invitation to be mugged by teenage yobs and the money, the poppies, or both stolen.
  11. A freind has told me that the numbers of poppy sellers in Central London are way down - he has had to search them out, he's never had to do that before.
  12. Was she still laughing after you had dragged her across her till and happy slapped the little trollop?
  13. I was buying some petrol yesterday and when i went to pay, there were some poppies on the counter, so i decided to buy another one.
    my petrol was £15.10. I gave the lady on the counter a £20 note and asked her to take £1.00 from my change for a poppy. She then asked me for another 10p. Thinking this was because she wanted to give me a straight £4.00 change i obliged.
    I then had to ask her for my change and she then informed me that the poppies were £5.00 each!!!!
    I always believed that the buyer decided how much to pay for the poppy??
    To say my gob was smacked is an understatement!
  14. Bossyboots; that sounds like a scam. Would you care to name the petrol station please.
  15. An interesting approach would be to ask in shops, pubs, etc. whether they've been asked to have a poppy tin. I've done this for the last few years. The answers are quite surprising sometimes. Some shopkeepers, publicans, etc have told me that they ASKED the local RBL for a tin but never even got a reply. Others were told that demand was too great. Coverage is incredibly patchy though. In some areas, you can't move for collections. In others there's barely one in sight. The RBL relies heavily on its members/volunteers at this time of year. Obviously, how many there are in a particular area will influence the 'footprint' of collections on the ground.

    Any volunteers? (apologies to those that already do).

    I seriously doubt whether Woolworths in Brum would have said "no", had they been approached.