No Poppies for Birmingham!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if this is already on here - I did do a search.... As one who is gearing up to run the local Poppy Appeal, I was surprised, dismayed and angered by this particular article!

    Traditionally other charities give us a clean break over Remembrancetide to flog poppies to the generous British public.

    BBC News - Birmingham charity ban hits British Legion poppy collectors
  2. I suppose my ire is focused on the fact that the city council acknowledge that this isn't right (in other words it has provoked a negative reaction) and intend to review their procedures. Its the jobsworthiness of the whole thing that gets me and the uncaring lack of recognition. Mind you, if I belonged to an anti-war or pro certain extremist Muslim organisation, I'd already have my blanket bid to put out collecting tins throughout Brum, Bolton, Bedford and so on next 11 Nov
  3. This bureaucracy sucks! These councillors need to open their eyes to the bigger picture! I understand there must be rules to prevent every man and his dog charities from holding their hands out asking for money all at the same time, but come on! Remembrance Day is the same day and weekend every year! They should make allowances for the Poppy Appeal or reserve this period.
  4. Do all the charities in this area collect in front of the War memorial or could this be used solely for the Legion etc.

    Simple solution, i doubt you would get the Legion outside the dogs home!
  5. Truly ridiculous.
    Why not allow both charities to collect if the homeless charity already has permission.
    It begs the question who sanctioned an charity that wasn't the British Legion to collect money around Remembrance Day if the council policy is that only one charity gets permission.

    Find him. Fire him. Shoot him.
  6. ******* liberals up to there old tricks again!
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Sheter & The Anthony Nolan Trust had no prior knowledge of what day the Legion would want to make their street collections. Are you saying no charity should be able to apply for a collection licence on any date in November up to Rememberance Sunday?
    As stated in the article Shelter have already withdrawn their licence. Looks like people are getting fired up because the local Legion & the County Manager's admin is shit & trying to point the finger elsewhere.
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  8. I ******* hate these local council bureaucratic *******. They need to open their eyes to the real world. "Council leaders said the legion had to take responsibility for not making an earlier application, although the legion said there had been no formal deadline."

    And the latest

    " Council leaders have admitted that they are fucked up and have been wandering around with their heads up their arrses. "What we really need is someone to beat some sense into us with a G1098 shovel""
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  9. It was up to the BL to apply for the license in a timely manner & not leave it 'til the last minute.
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  10. The real reason is that the Poppies are a vibrant red. Birmingham has always prided itself on being a grey, miserable, downtrodded, ambitionless shithole, and the local council are worried that the sudden influx of colour will spoil the bland landscape.
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  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I would have thought red would fit in with their left wing politics Smudge.
  12. There are thousands of charities out there all wanting a slice of the donations cake hence the reason why they have to have a collecting license. These licenses are restricted in number because people like you and me take offence at having charity tins rattled under our noses every ten yards.

    The BL know damn well there is a lot of competition out there for donations, they are equally aware when their yearly collections are at full swing a month before the 11th of the 11th, so they should have got their 'collective' finger out and applied due diligence instead of being tardy feckers.
  13. Got to be honest, this sounds like an effort by parts of the RBL to distract attention from its own gash admin than a reason to be outraged. I'd be outraged if they'd applied first and been refused.

    Lets face it, the RBL diary planners must realise a fair while in advance that they may want to apply to collect money in November?
  14. Yup, darn that left-wing Tory Council leader and Lib Dem deputy leader. No overall control since the 2008 local elections.

    I have no connection with Birmingham Council, but I do know they have been leaders amongst local authorities in some policies affecting personnel and veterans.

    The Legion appear to have been successful in booking a fair chunk of the city for street collections from 29 Oct through 12 Nov, and quite rightly so.

    A glance at the Council's website shows they they do not "NORMALLY" grant permits to multiple charities for the same street on the same day (a perfectly reasonable general policy IMHO), so there may be room for a commonsense solution to be worked out locally.
  15. I think,

    That given the date Nov 11th the Birmingham authorities should have been more sympathetic.

    On the other hand, given the date most ex service men and women and their families will be attending a remembrance service (followed usually by a few beers at the British legion or local pub afterwards) rather than out and rattling a tin

    Just a thought

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