No Poofters.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. A Butt plug, obviously.
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  2. Surely still a fist?
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  3. Good old Russia, always stuck firmly in the past.
  4. A fitht, I'd have thought.
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  5. Having been to Russia this comes as no surprise.

    Any protest (I'd imagine) would involve pink because it is massively stereotypical and a bit gay.
  6. Surely just competing in the male figure skating is going to count as promoting gayness though?
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  7. Or a hamster? Possibly a 40s-stylee matinee pic of Jarrod, a lighted Silk Cut dangling from his hand.
  8. In a cigarette holder please, he does have some class.
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  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    It would be nice to see a mass protest by competitors over this,with entire teams skipping through the opening ceremony holidng same sex hands wearing bright colours and defy the Russian authorities to arrest the whole US and European teams. But we won't.
  10. I like Russia. Not a **** is given by them every day.
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  11. Why should a country change their laws for the Olympics? It also says "promote" gayerism, not practice. Seems to be a bit of a non story designed to add a stop to the outrage route
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  12. Keep politics out of sport. Whole matter of the poofters is much ado about nowt.
  13. I suppose it all depends on what the definition of "promote" would be, would you need to be handing out copies of the pink manifesto whilst waving a rainbow flag or would holding hands be enough?

    Personally I think it is going to be interesting.

    Should the LBGTs boycott the games to show their disapproval and support for their Russian co-gays or should they go along anyway to show they are not scared? Or will they just go along and keep their sexuality to themselves and be castigated as hypocrites by Outrage and others of that ilk?
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