No Plans for More Iraq Troops, Says Hoon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. TCH not only rules out sending troops to replace the Black Watch battle group on the Op Bracken mission, but also has "no plans" to increase total numbers to cover the elections.
  2. So, he'll leak it to the media first to test the water, deny it a few times and then make a tedious speech in the House in which he claims it was all sprung on him by the military.
  3. Additional forces are not necessary in the MND SE zone.
    The US is holding units over that are due to rotate to CONUS and is about to rotate an additional brigade into Iraq for elections. There is some possibility of sending units that were to deploy next year a little early, but housing for additional troops is very limited. An SF Group deployed into Iraq
    which should boost SoF capabilities.
  4. Hands up all those who believe what he says 8O

    Oh, that'll be none then :wink:
  5. TCH sir, i do believe that you talketh testicles.

    DL, pack your stool prodding equipment, I believe you could soon be in the sand.
  6. Why not, FF? Let's face it, he's had loads of practice. :twisted:
  7. All kit is packed and ready for use in sandy climates...........once bloody more :evil:
  8. 'Announced yesterday'?

    It seems I missed the Sec of State's statement to the House on this, possibly because yet again he hasn't bothered to 'inform the House in the usual way'.

    Oh well, stand by for the usual TCH 'I didn't think I would bother telling Parliament because this is entirely a military decision*' pantomime.

    *'and no-one trusts me enough to involve me in any decisions.'
  9. Depends how you look at it but with a bit of latitude 10,000 is roughly 9,000.