No places at RMAS until September 2013

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Sweeters2004, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on the availability of places at RMAS?

    I was told at the weekend by a number of DS at Westbury different things about places.

    Some say it is booked up until September 2013 whereas others have said we can expect to go in September 2012 or at the latest, January 2013.

    Anyone heard different or able to confirm these rumours?

  2. I had my interview at the start of September and was told then that September 2012 was practically booked up and so anyone aiming to get in by then should get their briefing done ASAP in hopes of a January main board as their only chance of getting in for September. I have my briefing at the end of this month and don't expect to get in before January 2013 - It might seem a long way away but if I turn out to be officer material then it will be well worth the wait. Afterall, what's the hurry? This is just the start of the journey.
  3. YL,

    I have just turned 24 and want to crack on and go as early as possible. I know that this is what I want to do and want to get there ASAP. But if we have to wait until January 2013 then so be it. As you quite rightly say, it is just the beginning.

    I get the impression that guys who passed Main board a few years ago are now beginning to cash in on their place at RMAS due to lack of jobs elsewhere in this current climate. Fair play.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the information.

    Good luck at Briefing, just enjoy it as it is good fun.
  4. Sweeters, my housemate and I are in the same position, just turned 24. He's waiting for a pre-AOSB date and I an AOSB date and we've both been told to aim for the Jan 2013 intake. There was something mentioned about you can be put on a waiting list incase anyone defers, and you have passed your AOSB, but I'm not 100% who told me this.
  5. I hope not! I was 24 in march 2011 and sent my application off 9 days ago! (will be heading in tomorrow if I still don't hear back) - obviously this would mean I would have to start the new academic year in sept! (I'm a teacher) rubbish...
  6. Ncaunt,

    Sorry to burst your bubble but you have zero chance of getting in for September 2012. You still need to get to your interview stage with your sponsor Colonel (at 3 weeks wait) and then complete a large load of paperwork in application for a briefing (earliest available usually being around 4-6 weeks after your briefing) if you get yourself a Cat1 you can apply straight for main board but earliest available is usually 12 weeks+ I believe. Then if you pass you can choose an intake to apply for.

    Assuming you do everything perfectly this still takes you to late April.. By which point even the January 2013 slot will probably have filled, taking you further down the line.

    The recession, ongoing conflicts and masses of graduates are making the application process take an extroardinarily long time, however the wait is definitely worth it if you turn out to meet the desired criteria.

    Good luck to all of you who are applying and if any of you are based around Yorkshire or nearby then throw me a PM.
  7. This is because the concept of Nihilism and in particular existential nihilism, has finally caught RAMS up.
    Recognising this Course has had to be extended to such [a much much longer] an extent so as to convert the many wannabees are converted to human being first and foremost and that the concept of the baton in the rucksack has been dropped into a very big hole.
    In the meantime you may wish to consider that the meaning of life is actually P company as a tom, followed by SAS Selection [all in winter of course] only for you to fail and RTU back to the Royal Corps of Truckies
  8. Well, exactly.
  9. There is the possibility of putting your name down for if any deferrals come across which could potentially lead to earlier entry into Sandhurst. I also think that some people are being put on pre-sandhurst courses instead of going straight in to fill the gaps between entry dates.

  10. The meaning of your post is hard enough (some might say impossible) to decipher, let alone the meaning of life.
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  11. Don't worry its officer speak, they will be beating themselves off tonight as they digest every word i have written
  12. Yea I was also told by a lad who just got his place confirmed for 2012 sept that it's choc a bloc until 2013. He was one of the last on that intake.
  13. Was told by my ACA yesterday that Sept 2012 is full, the earilest anyone can expect to go now is Jan 2013.
  14. Your always going to have problems with September entry dates due to University graduates having priority. September entry is notorious for Bursars and Graduates being given priority so the Army can start getting there moneys worth out of them. Most Bursars are given guaranteed September entry.
  15. A friend just got given a May 2012 place. Plenty of places. Apply for when you want, you'll soon be told if you can get in or not, so just adapt to whatever you get given.