No PFT Pass Required for Bounty?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pied_piper, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Read with amazement yesterday in a letter from CRF's empire that TA don't need to pass a PFT to qualify for their bounty. What utter bollards! I thought we were supposed to be 'One Army'? So now its okay to mince around at weekends, attend the all important cocktail party circuit (that's the TA version of MS by the way) and swan around wearing the same uniform as those of us in the Regular Army do but they don't need to be able to pass the fitness test we have to. There must have been some senior TA types complaining at high levels (probably at a cocktail party) about having to wheeze round a run and do some press-ups and sit-ups. Frankly, if the TA want to be classed as One Army, the least they could do is meet the same basic standards of fitness the Regular Army has to.
  2. A well deserved rant methinks.
  3. We needed to pass each one of our MATTs (and that includes fitness) to qualify for our bounty.

    We’re still in the first year of the new system, so unless the powers that be have lowered the required standards without even giving it a chance (which I can’t really see happening) I would suggest that you’re mistaken.
  4. Don't worry about it - some spanner suggested that you can't fail a TA career course if you fail the PFT (even if it is an entry standard requirement) because it wouldn't withstand equality laws because women have to 'do less' than men and that is 'not fair'.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There will always (well, at least for the next few years) be those who, for various reasons, are not capable of passing any sort of fitness test, yet who are still deemed worthy of a Bounty by their CO - and it is the CO who has the ultimate say here.

    This is acknowledged at the higher levels of the TA - and, reluctantly, by the Regular Army.

    Perhaps this is one of the hangovers of the 'old' TA way of life that is being removed gradually by the new mobilisation culture? We can only hope so!
  7. Just before I left my last post was SPSI and I was told that the TA have a "bedding in period" to allow them to introduce the new physical standards on the new MATTs as far as Bounty Qualification goes.

    However for mobilisation they will be required to meet the same standards as their regular counterparts ie 8 mile CFT
  8. There is an interesting point here, one that perhaps some of our legal eagle/ HR friends may be able to answer.

    On the introduction of MATTs and linking the award of bounty to the passing of MATTs, for the first time (I think) with the PFT, we have linked a financial reward to a gender specific test. Is this legal? Or is it a can of worms the MOD have only just spotted?

    I'm sure the discussion about the pass levels for male/female must have been done somehwere else?
  9. Well, I look forward to the TA achieving the same high standards as the Regular Army in fitness. Whats the fitness rate for the Regs at the moment; 99 or 100%? I think not. What financial disincentive is there for Regulars?
  10. So you really want one army do you ?

    You want to lose your tax free bounty, get deployed at the drop of a hat and have a nasty man shoot at you ?

    Instead of picking and choosing when you want to work, taking off whatever length of time you want between parades and slobbing around like fat ******* ? Getting paid home to duty, two weeks hols in Germany and etc
  11. I work in a tri-service team (all regs apart from me) and I'm the one who has the least notice for mobilisation.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Can you post the file ref?

  13. That's 'equality' for you. I could never figure out why a 40 year old man had to achieve a higher standard fitness than an 18 year old woman. It seems to me that as long as women aren't 'worse' off equality is fine. If they are at an advantage and you mention the 'E' word you are told to shut up.
  14. Goku - this is from CRF's staff. The requirement is no more.
  15. Polar, I'm one of a growing number of Regular Army types watching the TA trying to hype the mantra of One Army yet continuing to place all sorts of special requirements and caveats and getting pretty hacked off by it all. I too get deployed at the drop of a hat, have nasty men shoot at me, loose money (the TA get reimbursed for loss of earnings), still pay council tax et al and oh by the way we did'nt get a bounty until the new Op Tour allowance came in. I don't get to choose when I turn up, don't slob around, etc etc. The TA need to accept the hard truth that if they want to live under the banner of One Army they had better start by at least making the effort to meet the fitness standard. I accept not every Regular can pass the PFT but then we don't get a bounty every year which is supposed to reward attendace and training standards.