No Pft no bounty

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by twiggylad, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Rumour has it you now have to pass 2 pft's a year for Bounty.

    Will this be the final straw for the 'enablers'?

    I think so. :(
  2. It's not much to accomplish is it?
  3. diddums!
  4. I think the regulars should have to pass PFTs to qualify for pension.

    That would sort out the chaff from the weeds...
  5. Should only be an issue to fat f*cks who cant get their head round having to display a bit of physical ability to justify drawing the pennies..
  6. the key word you've used is "RUMOUR"

    dont belive the hype, as the song goes

    belive it IF it happens
  7. totally agree, but I think more TA would still be more worried about the PFT than the majority of Regs! :D
  8. I can smell your fear of pulling on a pair of trainers from salad dodging tubster

    In fact correct me if Im wrong but arent you an officer ?? You should be smashing your lads round the track at least once a week tubby
  9. Jesus christ get a grip - its hardly the marathon des sables is it.

    No PTF no bounty - quite fcking right too.
  10. In my book the only way to do it is pass all your MATT's and don't piss about.
  11. So how would this work for specialist units which don't have a parade night or a a PTI? Would they be forced into Grantham every six months or would they be able to get it ticked off at the local TAC?

    I suspect no-one has thought this through.......
  12. I hope it does happen - will boost the TA's reputation somewhat and may even go some way to getting rid of the lard arrse's. Bring it on.
  13. Ginsters will have to issue a profit warning :D
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Twiggy, I have corrected your post to reflect what I am sure you really meant to write.
  15. Don't get me wrong, i'm not fussed.

    It's just my unit has lots of 'the older generation'who i can envisage fekking orf.