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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by draisey2271, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. first time ive been payed by the army got my statement of armynet says ive been payed today into the acount i nominated but no money in the bank the sme has happened with my mates aswell could anyone tell me what mite of gone wrong or who i would contact cheers
  2. Apart from waiting until your unti is back off leave (which I'm sure you really can't wait for!), the only other course of action available is to call JPAC on 01412 243600.

    And no, I'm not a clerk :D
  3. No shite, your spelling is almost as bad as hers.

    What is an unti?

    P.S. I am a clerk, and I have feck all knowledge about JPA, before you start.
  4. Just like the clerks at my place then!
  5. Someone's tired.
  6. Touchy touchy :cry:

    You joined the banter here mate, no-one dragged you in! All the clerks at my place would aggree with what I just wrote, that's why I'm still over £500 a month out of pocket due to JPA after almost 5 months. :x
  7. thats your fault.
  8. I know it is. I should have tried harder not to get promoted or posted. It's inconsiderate tw*ts like me that screw the system up :D
  9. Are you regular or TA?? TA are paid on the 1st working day of the month i.e. 2nd Jan 08 - don't know if this helps??

  10. Surely you have been paid what you are owed in cash?? If not have a word with your FSA, no one should be out of pocket due to JPA errors!

  11. My RAO have only offered me the difference in LOA which I am owed (between Sgt & SSgt), which accounts for about £50 a month. Main reason I didn't take it is that it would probably screw things up when JPA finally sorted itself out, and cause further problems along the line.

    At least I got paid though, so I feel for draisey. Happy New Year mate! :D
  12. You're not still in basic are you? Almost 20 years since I did mine, but back then your salary just built up in credits for the first couple of months. You just got £20 a week to spend. it was only once you finished basic they started making payments (including the accrued credit) into your bank account.
  13. POM,

    All RAOs have been instructed to make cash payments to ensure individuals are not out of pocket AT ALL due to JPA errors - they should pay you then hold the payment in the suspense account until you are paid properly - you then refund to them, you should have been offered this at least, if you don't want to take it but wait for the lump sum when it eventually arrives that is your choice, not theirs!

  14. Cheers PW, I'l be visiting our guys when we're back at work to get the dosh I'm owed! A nice cheque for £2500 would sort out that skiing holiday in Banff I had planned for March! :D

    Happy New Year 8)