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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 6952grumm, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Just been on the phone to JPA, now I was due to be discharged in Sept but was extended till Dec on medical grounds, now I spoke to JPA in October because the Army had terminated my service so faxed them the letter that extended my service and was told right you are back on JPA and will be paid. The question is have I been paid and the answer is NO, now it really grips my S**te that and everybody knows that if you owe the Army they want payment yesterday and it also annoys me that if I was a high ranking officer again it would be sorted and I know most of you are going to say thats the way it goes, but only having a gripe. 1 rule for SNCO's & below (we are trying to sort it out but it will take time-my answer from JPA) Lt & above (right how high do you want me to jump your query is totally sorted with interest)
  2. Go to the pay Office and get an EPIC. One will off set the other and pay should be normal when you do eventually get paid. There are systems in place, have you been to the pay office or are you just spouting off for the sake of slagging down JPA
  3. Well at the moment still on my resettlement so getting time to go up to my camp which is 2hrs away is a problem
  4. Your unit can speak to the Termination Cell at Glasgow and arrange a Reverse Termination. I had one two months ago and it was sorted within a day.

    In the meantime you need to spk to your unit to get the EPIC mentioned above.

  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Can I suggest a visit to ArmyNet and find the threads Medical Discharge / War Pension and the Complete and utter panic in the CGS area. There is a very helpful serving Col chappy dealing with this and veteran issues and is proving very helpful to those with problems.
  6. I have had a reverse termination fair dues they sorted that out but no pay and the problem I am on resettlement till end of the month
  7. I had a Sim prob with a soldier at my unit, all that needs to be done is as follows:

    Get your Admin to Phone your MCM Div who can reverse the action and get you back on JPA to be paid.

    As for your outstanding money speak to your FSA who can auth one of 2 things either an Advance which you will pay back when you get your pay or an EPIC which will come out of your wages.

    JPA is not that bad, its alot quicker payments, the problem is the training the SPS recieved before JPA came in 2.5 days which taught us how to bring a person up on the system the rest we have had to learn ourselves.

  8. Cheers Marty, I have spoken to MCM Div back in Oct and they knew nothing of my extention of service, who ever granted that 3 months obviously didn't get a copy of this letter but I managed to get hold of the letter and faxed it off to them. Now I totally understand that the personnel running the system haven't had much training on the system but when I spoke to JPA I said right I understand it's not your fault but could I speak to somebody that will be sorting this out she said no as its a back office and you can't contact them direct
  9. 6952grumm see your PMs.

  10. Jockster thanks for that will give them a ring tomorrow after speaking to JPA