No pay or bounty till June.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by OnTheBus, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Right, I've been patient, I've been calm, JPA is a new system, it will take time to get going and for the operator's to be fully conversant with it.
    However, I found out this evening that my unit is not going to recieve any pay or bounty until June. This really is taking the piss. Quite a few blokes rely on that money coming in.
    Is there anybody else in the same situation?
    Are they going to refund the bank charges incurred when blokes go overdrawn, as some are already?
    Any thoughts/advice?
  2. Haven't been paid since october, got a blank pay check in April, was then told that I should expect it on the 11th May, then got told to expect it on the 16th and now I just don't know when. The rest of my sqdron got paid in ful on the 11th i think. I don't know what to do.
  3. Is that the hole of the battalion or just ure company the lads that were on Herrick have had there bounty's back in aprill
  4. From what I can tell the Battalion has had there bounty, but don't know about pay. I'm posted out to the RTC now, and noone, from the CO down has got there money. Disgraceful really. They'd be the first to moan if we stopped turning up for training, coz we had no pay.
    I had a blank pay check to, really helpful, thank you.
    Some of the guys had money go in, only to have it taken straight back out again!
    I'll give them till June, and then if nothing happens I'll have to consider other action - just not sure what.....
  5. Aw shut the f*ck up you moaning faced c*nts.
  6. Yeah cheers mate.
  7. A very helpful comment from someone who I guess does his service out of the goodness of his heart.
  8. Look on Army net at your JPA pay sheets.

    The NRPS at your location will have had to manually input all of the data, and if there was 1 small mistake then the whole lot is dumped as 'Does Not Compute!'

    It will come through, but no idea when. Some of the Regs with us havent been paid yet either!
  9. Your staff are useless. Simple as.

    (Bounties have thrown up a few issues however and JPAC can't seem to come up with an answer as to why)

    uoykcuf21 everyone got a blank pay statement, it was a "welcome to JPA"

    It will come through on the last working day of the month when your staff finally work it out
  10. Someone in our place got their bounty and hadn't even qualified
  11. I've heard thats been happening too :roll:
  12. can any one tell me how we are gonna get paid as TA

    i have been informed that you will work a month then get paid at the end of the next month instead of the middle of the next month like we normally do

    unsure how this works though cause its not like a civvie job to me

    i work a month then got paid at end of that month for work carried out for the last 8 years i have been paid monthly & never got worked 2 months before getting paid also only worked a month then got paid at end of month when i was mobilised

    any help appreciated cheers watto
  13. Mate, try and punctuate, it makes your posts easier to read. :)
    Yeah, on the old system we got paid on or around the tenth of each month. Allegedly with this new system, it was going to be towards the end of each month (25th?) but as you can see, I'm not in a position to confirm this. :(
  14. Last working day of the month like the regs now, the date around the 25th is when the pay roll is processed - you have up untill about 19.00 on the day before that to give in your paysheets in theory.

    So if you work for the first week of June and give in your paysheet before the (say) 24th, you'll get paid on the 30th June (or 29th since 30th is a Sat).
    However, if you work the 26th of June, you'll get paid that on the last working day of July.

    From this month on its all tri-service standardised apparently. Probably because by keeping hold of your pay until the end of the month they get more interest, and its probably cheaper to do it all in one big go instead of different ones since it's a civvy company.
  15. Gents,
    Your pay clerks are sh1te. I havn't missed a pay slot and my bounty went through at the end of April. This is not to show off, everyone in the TA should be paid for what they do in a timely mannor. From time to time people use the excuse that you shouldn't rely on TA money. Crap, if you work for it you should be paid at the first opportunity. Do not accept excuses from admin/pay staff they should make sure you get paid, just as you have to man the guns/stag on/man the net etc etc.