No Pay in Mar & April + cause of JPA

Just heard that the Army Pay runs which will be done in late Feb 07 are the last using Unicom then it will be switched off (for pay) and then JPA takes over.... anybody out there worried about this?

worried? not really, a bit nervous I guess but hardly news, unless you are Buck Rodgers and have spent the last year cryogenically frozen.
No not worried at all. Yes, UNICOM is being turned off on 2 Mar, but the pay run aren't done on UNICOM, they are done on the main frame and the reason JPA starts on the 19 Mar is so the March pay run can be done on the old system before hand. Aprils pay run will be the first on JPA for the Army. Once the April run is done, the clerks will be able to look and, if you are getting screwed over, get the money you are owed to you by the end of the month. At least that is the way it will happen in my unit, :thumright:
Put it this way as a clerk who occasionaly plays with money I will not be touching my whole record from this Monday (Disturbance Allowance) till about June at the earliest.
JPA is Oracle (tm), it's widely used in civvy street and used by companies that have just as many, more., employees than we have, mu missus has been using it for can bet your arrrrse that it won't be able to cope with the amount of movement the army does bur eventually we'll all get to know it as "the way it's always been"!!!!
Surprisingly UNICOM was/is oracle based if not a little old, and yes other v.large companys use it,however, the all new Oracle system has not proved well for the RAF and Navy, so adding another 150,000 customer's to the very slow and 'ill' system cannot be the way ahead. Surely this new system should be working before going live - this is peoples livings (not everybody serves for the queens shilling) more for the govts wage packet. So when it goes wrong it effects us all!
Oh and also having spent god knows how many million of pounds on an "of the shelf" product it should work, but over a year later after RAF go LIVE it still dosen't work and therefore delay after delay is still evident.

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