no pay for class 1's

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by SnakeBite, Jul 21, 2003.

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  1. Myself and a colleague are both re-badged soldiers currently attending an avionic upgrading course. We have just learned that on completion of the course we will not be entitled to an incremental progression in pay, due to us having held class 1 status in our previous trades. The remainder of our course however, will advance 1 increment. If therefore we are recognised as class 1 tradesmen, should we not be receiving class 1 pay right now? We are both receiving the exact same rates as our peers i.e. class 2 avionic tech pay. We should therefore be entitled to the same increment upon achieving class 1.
    As a result of this, we have little if no incentive to pass a 10 month long technical course. As far as career progression goes, if we are already recognised as class 1 tradesmen surely this would qualify us for promotion? And if not, surely we are then entitled to the same increment for achieving class 1? We have received no extra pay for transferring, having lost our seniority upon transfer, and are now effectively being penalised for coming into REME – not a good retention incentive for potential technicians who are unhappy in their current roles.

    this situation is currently under review by the chain of command. But idoes anyone here with some influence have any input? i would be very grateful to recieve any posts or pm's on this
    Welcome to the Army

    I do a tech job but I don't get anywhere near 'tech pay'...paid less than a chef in actual fact...

    There's no convincing the powers that be of our value....
  3. I am not asking for extra pay, i am mearly asking for the same pay as my colleagues. This Pay2000 ****-up has left guys in my situation completely in the lurch.

    I am only slightly fortunate in the fact that i am currently undergoing my ugrading course - however fellow retraders now back in the field as class 1's are severly pissed off having stayed put on their payslip when all the guys (who are junior to them!!!!) advanced in front! Why should i let that happen to me? Myself and my colleague on my course are far senior to the rest of our course, (not that i am knocking their experience!). Why then should the junior guys, who are on the exact same wages as us, be advanced in pay when we are not? Result: Penalised for transfering!!!

    Welcome to the army? yes, welcome to the land of bollocks decisions, backstabbing, two-facedness and not caring about an "employee" once youve signed the dotted line. no wonder theres a retention problem - see post "tech retention" in REME forum.
  4. So true true... :(
  5. A similar situation has arrisen for a pal of mine in the RAF

    He is flight sgt and the sgts below him have had apay rise and now get £10 a day more than him-same trade group and every thing. He has even asked to drop a rank as pensions are now based on actual pay and not rank-no dice.

    He has signed off and has started legal action against the RAF for constructive dismissal. Once the MoD has been through the courts a few times then they will start getting pay right (yeah ok)
  6. Just ask those civil service chappies(and chappettes) who do your pay if their pay and pension are wrong? I doubt it

    As for pay 2000 my opinion is that it was designed as a cost cutting exercise to reduce the HMF by fcuking it up so bad, more squaddies will sign off and they will not have to pay for any redundancies and so keep all you boys and girls stretcherd to the limit.

    Oh and don't worry, no wars/conflicts/police actions for the next few months while all the politicians have their holidays, would be bad for retention of MP's if you had to call them back or muck their holidays about :twisted:
  7. It does p*ss you off when you see people who have been in less time than you, are a rank lower than you and are earning more money than you. 2 of them in my unit have just been promoted to the same rank as myself. I am on level 2, they will both come in at level 4. This is because I spent less time in the previous rank than them. Ok they will spend 4 years on mark time rates of pay, but will probably be promoted after 2 anyway. The best I can get if I don’t get promoted is level 5 (due to time left to serve), or level 3 and then get promoted. :(

    Pay Cut 2000.

  8. Ive had it with the whole bloody circus, to be honest. One constant balls-up after another, all down to certain individuals in key positions who dont give a shit.

    Its only the pension keeping me going at the moment, but i might consider cashing in at 12yrs.

    Whats in it for me any more? Not a lot.
  9. Why are you complaining - 2 pay rises a year - magic !!!

    2% on promotion - give me more of that.

    Still at least I have got the Higher Range to look forward to - oh my mistake SPS don't get it.

    Still musn't grumble at least they can't change my pension rights (Can they?????) 8O
  10. Of course they cant change your pension rites shrub, till they do :evil:

    I'm still in the process of being buggered about by pay cut 2k. I changed trades in 2001 which entitled me to higher rates of pay, i was moved accross and dropped back to level 1, which shouldnt have happened. Here i am, a couple of years later, owed close to 1 and a half grand, and still not resolved. The best the pay office come up with? "These things can take a while mate" - arrse. I've had a bloody gut full. Meanwhile, i'll get on with another op tour.

  11. Go and see your RAO and get them to speak to their SPS Branch, if everyone agrees that you are owed money get an advance through their GSA Account.

    Youu get the money now and when Glasgow/EDS finally program the computers and they give you the correct pay take the money back to the RAO and clear the advance they gave you.

    We have done that for a few people and our hierarchy give it full support.

    Everyone is a winner it seems (well except for the quality computer system at Glasgow that is !!)
  12. Be fair Eagle, presumably you knew about the pay scales before you transfered and still felt you'd be better off where you are now.
  13. Sue 'em in the small claoms court-they are almost certainly in breach of contract
  14. 'Small Clams Court' ???? - sounds a bit fishy to me :roll:
  15. Given that MoD are a bunch of tight C**ts my freudian slip (Fro Small Claims Court of course) might be closer to the Mark!!!!