No pay for 7 months and ive had enough.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by basrutten66, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Tonight im leaving the TA having started in febuary i have not been paid one penny since. Have asked time and again for my pay to be sorted out, but as usual all i get is "sorry mate its all to do with JPA" bollocks i say. Everyone at my unit is useless and seems unable to sort the problem. Having worked full time for the past 6 months it wasnt a problem as i had an alternative income to survive on, but now im at uni and need it to start paying out instead of just costing me money.

    Stuffs packed, its time to find a part time civvy job instead i think.

    P.S my main grumbles are to do with a select few bods in my unit and obviously the fact they cant be asked paying me, but i am only 17 and dont want to cut off my interest in the army completely, all ive ever wanted to do is be an army officer, can i join the OTC after quitting the TA whilst at uni? Will they hold it against me even if i explain my reasons why?

    I never thought it would turn out like this....
    from one very pissed off and confused recruit :(
  2. did you think you were going to get paid straight off the bat from day one?

    There was a massive f**k up with the new "300" style army numbers in that the JPA system wasnt accepting any mtds' that were put onto the system. i had this explained to me by one of the clerks in the office.

    they also gave me the number for Jpaq in glasgow so i could speak to them direct.

    You will, in time, get all thats owed to you, but the onus is on you as well to keep at your clerks to get them to sort it out, or give you info. if they dont give u a satisfactory answer the first time, you keep on at them... rather than just taking the first answer and walkin away..
  3. Have you contacted the JPA Help(?) Desk to see if they can advise whats happening with your pay?
  4. i would just keep pestering them mate, altho i signed up in May and got paid in August...if you have done plenty of weekends, then you will get a lovely lump sum.

    Regarding just walking out, i very nearly had to do 2 weeks ago (read Signing off thread for reason) and i got told that if i did then i could never join TA again, altho i could join regs....

    dont go making rash decisions mate
  5. Call me old fashioned, but yes, he should bloody well expect to get paid.

    If this was a civvy company people would be sacked over such a fiasco.

    Yes , there is an onus on the individual to make a fuss, and not take the first answer as gospel, but 7 months is taking the piss.

    This is a basic "hygene function" and we deserve to break our necks if we can't get this retention issue sorted.
  6. Dont get me wrong.. i agree that we should have been paid on time, from day one.. but in reality this isnt the case..

    Ive been in since Feb... and only recived one payment since.. i'm still owed ALL my HTD pay, as well as several days pay. but the best you can do i keep on at your staff, speak to your psao etc... but it doesnt bode well if he's not even mentioned speaking direct to JPAC about his money, they'll be in the better postion to tell him wether its a JPA issue or a unit issue etc..
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Just be aware - I was interviewing 2 OTC cadets last night. They had exactly the same pay issues with JPA as we do.

    You may find that you move to the OTC and then start the whole process again!

    I understand your frustrations, and fozzy is quite right...but...JPA is fecked, very few are getting paid correctly. It is quite probably not personal,and I doubt that it is beacuas "they can't be arrsed".
  8. Before you spit the dummy completely ask for an interview with the RSM or CO, if either of those can't get it sorted within a week or so it really is time to jack it in. Don't be put off by clerks who probably don't understand the system and find it easier to fob you off if you'll be fobbed off.
  9. ITN/Newspapers anyone?
  10. Even so seven months is not really acceptable, should people be paying to be part of the TA? I agree in the end he will get all he is due, but for soe people their budget does not allow extras like paying for the priviledge of being in the reserves.

    Just saying it is all down to JPA does not cut it. JPA is run by people, it only does what people tell it to do. If I was in his position I would be getting royaly pissed of. He should escalate this right up to the top of his unit because they need to get it sorted or they are going to find they are losing people
  11. I didn't get paid for 6 moths when I joined as I am a girl and JPA doesn't like female service numbers!
    It seems a shame to leave because of it, it's like giving in to JPA, my PSAO was great and did all he could to sort it out and eventually I got all most of my back pay via cheque, although I should be getting it into my back account at least I got some money, I'm still waiting for some but most now has been paid into my bank account. Just keep trying don't chuck in the towel at the first hurdle. Ask to speak to your OC, RSM of CO as said above, I raised the subject when chatting to the OC and RSM in the bar one night, the next drill night I was called in by them to discuss what they were going to do about the pay, and was told by the RSM if I didn't get my pay soon, he would get me the money, myself and him went to see the cheif clark together and eventually it has been sorted. Just keep on personally think if you want to be in the TA that much you'll keep trying, I know I did and I got there!
  12. How much are you owed? Frankly after 7 months I would be seriously looking to put in a court action at the small claims court if it comes under their limit. Cheap to do, easy to do and you will get your money.

    Simply go to your unit clerks and tell them, in writing, that you will be forced to take legal action if they do not sort out the problem within an acceptable timescale...say 30 days. What have you go to lose?

  13. Absolutely correct. Some people somewhere need to lose their jobs over this. I cannot understand that this is seen as some how acceptable by some quarters.

    There needs to be a full and frank explanation by the MoD as to why soldiers are not getting paid and what is being done to fix it. I for one, am sick of excuses and JPA Folklore. Its a disgrace.
  14. Doesn't like Female Service Numbers? What sort of answer is that? Do we have misgynist versions of PeopleSoft now? Its more folklore!!

    Your RSM sounds a good bloke and more power to him.
  15. Well that was the famous excuse from JPA!! If you have a letter in your service number, a doubled barreled name your fecked!!!
    Top bloke our RSM, know messing but straight on it when there is an issue!