No pay, AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PHIL82, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on the army's inability to pay people? Can anyone tell me what options are open to me if the problems persist? Who's to blame, my unit or Glasgow?

    Being owed money from February of this year is no fun, especially when you took time out of your civvie job to undertake work for the T.A (and hence didn't get paid by your civvie employer either).

    Am I being a moaning t*at here, or does any other T.A soldier face these problems? Am I just supposed to suck it up and wait another month to hopefully be paid?

    Apparently I missed the cut off for pay role for February, even though I commenced work on the 11th. That's some f*cking cut off date! Then I was told that I'd get it at the end of March. Well, it's now the end of March and no pay again, not a penny. I imagine I'll be told to wait another month...

    At a time when the army are trying to bolster T.A numbers, you would think that in tandem with recruitment, they might also think about retention - and actually pay their soldiers properly and on-time!

    I'm just waiting now for the outcome of the possible upcoming fuel tanker driver strikes, I can almost here how the conversation will go: "Hi, I know we haven't paid you for two months, but you need to come in because you've a HGV licence" - To which my response will be "Blow-me right off you f*cking chief".
  2. I didn't get paid for a 6-month period a couple of years ago. No, I still haven't been paid for it.
  3. But is that a dispute over pay. I mean, had you actually signed for it?
  4. Man up and stop whining like a spoilt bitch. You yourself stated you missed a deadline. Your fault, no one else's. You will get the money next month.
  5. It sounds like you're new to the TA. You'll learn soon enough that the TA is utterly incompetent when it comes to little things such as paying you on time or organising courses.
    Never rely on your TA pay for that very reason.

    There are other hobbies if you can't accept that.

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  6. Definitely chase via unit and if no joy then go to mp or service complaints. If you've trained then you have a right to the money. Definitely hold armys feet to the fire on this one.
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  7. As above - submit a Service Complaint.
  8. Ah, but for some reason, we do not get our TA pay until the 1st of the month! So wait until monday to see if you have been paid.

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  9. You are a dick of the highest order.
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  10. Speak to your PSI and PSAO.

    Check that you have actually been booked onto the system for that period.

    Bottom line is the TA pay can be a bitch.
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  11. I don't have the exact cut off for the pay runs with me right now, but it was likely to be around 16th-19th, these dates are set by JPAC not your unit and they cannot do anything about it. On a side note, I know of a woman who creates her own "cut off date" about 5 days before the pay run in order to get shit together, not helpful for the troops!

    In order to answer the questions as to who is to blame, please answer these questions (please note "glasgow" are rarely to blame for pay issues, especially for TA)

    1)You commenced work on the 11th Feb? How many days did you work?
    2) When was your attendance register signed off by the authorising Officer?
    3) Did you personally take your AR to the Authorising Officer, have it signed and return it to whoever inputs the pay? Or did you just give to an NCO/the person who does the pay to have it signed by the authorising officer for you; believe me this can cause delays

    To be honest, starting work on the 11th Feb is cutting it VERY fine - believe it or not your unit staff do have a) a lot of pay to input and b) other jobs to do as well. Also, the closer you get to the cut off, the longer it takes TA pay JPA batches to process (because every ****** in the country is doing the same thing).

    And yes, the TA get paid on the FIRST WORKING DAY of the month, so perhaps you could hold your mouth until then?

    Let's be straight about this, in all honesty you most likely missed the Feb cut off as you've been told - this is an important lesson for you; learn to know when the cut off dates are (they should really be stuck up to a notice board etc) and work to that date, understanding anything given in after/or close to that date you might not see for over a month; this is simply how the pay process works.

    I suspect you will get paid on Monday, there is no reason why not..all these suggestions of service complaints are far too hasty.

    The best advice with regards to TA pay is this;

    Learn the Cut off dates (ask for a print out, they do them 6 months or so ahead, possibly longer)

    Understand that depending on circumstances if you work in a month you are not guaranteed to get paid that month, there may even be something written somewhere that explains this, I can't remember.

    Keep a diary of your exact dates, what pay is claimed (ie 1/2, 1/4) and if you claimed HTD. If possible take a photocopy of your attendance registers; not appropriate for group ones obviously.

    Check your dates against your payslip looking for any errors.

    If you don't want a nasty shock, from the 25th of the month onwards your unit HR staff can see your statement of earnings for the next month, so if you find you're going to be £XX down, you have time to a) get a pay day loan (joke) or b) see your PSAO/Chief and ask for an EPIC if you feel you've been really fucked up.

    If you wish to raise a pay problem; TAKE YOUR EVIDENCE with you, just whining I've not been paid will not help, however proving you SHOULD have been paid because of reasonable timings etc will make your life a lot easier.

    and breathe...
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  12. My PSAO has changed the way he does things if you are on a course that finishes after the cut off date for the pay run the pay for that course is now processed the following month e.g. I did a course in Feb it finished after the cut off date so was processed in March meaning it will be in my bank the first working day of April. I know this as when the pay for feb didnt seam right i asked my unit admin staff who explained it simple really maybe the OP should pick the phone up and ask his unit
  13. As others have stated, ask your Coy clerk/AO/whoever sorts out your pay. He or she will be able to provide you with the cut-off dates very easily. If you are still not paid on the first then apply for an EPIC. Easy
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  14. That you PSAO? Can you read? I can accept missing the Feb deadline, but April too? Thanks for your valuable input. Tool!
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