No pay, AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PHIL82, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on the army's inability to pay people? Can anyone tell me what options are open to me if the problems persist?

    Being owed money from February of this year is no-fun, especially when you took time out of you civvie job to undertake work for the T.A (and hence didn't get paid by your civvie employer either).

    Am I being a moaning t*at here, or does any other T.A soldier face these problems? Am just supposed to suck it up and wait another month to hopefully be paid?

    Apparently I missed the cut off for pay role for February, even though I commenced work on the 11th, that's some f*cking cut off date! Then I was told that I'd get it at the end of March. Well, it's now the end of March and no pay again, not a penny. I imagine I'll be told to wait another month...

    At a time when the army are trying to bolster T.A numbers, you would think that in tandem with recruitment, they might also think about retention - and actually pay their soldiers properly and on-time!
  2. yes I'm a mong and posted this twice. Can the mod remove this one please. Cheers
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  3. Its because you have shit clerks.
  4. It's because he doesn't understand how the system works actually ;] He's gone all quiet since the actual pay day..funny that
  5. Check Part one's, it will tell you what the cut of dates are!

    I'm presuming youre new as youre ranting about this... its always a bit up and down when youre new, but check part ones, make sure your signing in sheets are handed in, hassle you clarkes!