No patience with todays society

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Am I alone? I have the breaking strain of a KitKat. If it isn't dickheads meandering along the M25 with their head up their arrses, or the crusty old Navy Captain in the NAAFI who has just taken over a minute to put his change back in his wallet, I have zero tolerance for other people, and now I come to think about it, objects. I find myself getting infuriated with the Cashpoint machines that give you your card back really really slowly, and then make whizzing and whirring sounds for a few seconds before handing over MY cash. Checkout idiots - the old ones are in super slo-mo, and the young ones haven't got a fcuking clue what they are up to. My shower takes about 10 seconds to run through to hot in the mornings and I find my temples throbbing with anger. I hate it in McD's when my scoff isn't there. I never ask for anything unusual, but I always end up waiting. And Drivethru's ! They are supposed to be convenient and fast - they are just there to cause me grief as the old lady rocks up in her Brian Potter chair and limps through the door, gets her brekkie and leaves, disappearing over the horizon while I haven't fcuking moved. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

    Please say it isn't just me (not that I give I fcuk mind.)

    Have a nice day.
  2. No its not just you. I would like to add to the list the women who, after all their shopping has been put through the till, only decide to search their large handbags for their purse when the checkout girl holds her hand out for the money. They then go through the process of seeing if they have the right money, only to decide when they are 10p short to pay with their card. There should be a big sign at the checkout - GET YOUR MONEY READY NOW!
  3. drain_sniffer: You forgot to mention the way they peer at the amount of the shopping which has been chalked up, as though they doubt it, and are prepared to fight over it.
  4. I travel on the C2C train line every day at varying times, but you can guarantee there will at some point, be an influx of "well ard "yoofs who clamber on the train giving everyone thousand yard stares whilst using their mobile phones like amplifyers.
    As they play some c-rap music they sing loudly along to the strains of " any more chat and you'll be getting the bat!", sorry are these guys tough or is it me.
    Then they all get off at Lakeside with their pretend limps and turned baseball caps and start all over again .
    I am so scared that i go straight back to sleep.
    Someone sort them out this is not South side L.A. or the Bronx.
  5. Peolpe Carriers!!!...Why do they only contain the driver?? If it can seat 7 people, where the feck are the other 6??????? Why are they only driven by absolute tossers???????
  6. Drain_sniffer: nail on the head son! They all look surprised that they've got to pay for it !! For fcuk's sake - you knew you'd have to cough up some dosh the second you left the house, you silly tart!
  7. And then there's the mega tw-attery of pulling out on you (causing you to slow rapidly from 50 to 15mph) so they can the dawdle along at 25 mph on a road where it's impossible to overtake, undertake or anyfuckingtake. Fu cking nob-cheese eating retards.
  8. 4X4 owners driving around the city ........ why? are they expecting to have to drive through fords, take on roads with mud up to the axles?

    Jag drivers (v12) who should be an exibit in the British Museams mummy display driving at 20 mph ...... EVERYWHERE!

    The PC/anti-rascist brigade ....... If completely non bias cameras linked to computers find that 46% of motoring offences committed in three London boroughs it has captured were black people ... how on earth are the Police being rascist?

    Fast food that is not.

    Courts who give slap on the wrist judgements to repeat offenders, if the yoof has committed over 134 repeat offences of the same offence HE IS NOT GOING TO BE REABILITATED !!! and needs to be put away for a long time and made to work for his keep.

    MOD civil servants and politicians that have little or no military experience telling soldiers that they have the best eqipment and enough of it so they should put up shut up !!! and standing in fron of tv cameras with no sign of a lie on their face as they inform us there is no shortage of man power or planes/helicopters etc.

    Oh and as it is traditional ....... THE FRENCH :)
  9. On the Underground:

    1, Total d*ckheads who stand in front of the gates on the Tube looking for their tickets jamming the entire system up,

    2, Those who cannot read a 'Keep Left' sign and expect everyone to move for them,


    3, Those who loiter in front of open doors of the tube and stop others [and me from getting on].

    Finally, on the buses those who wait at a bus stop for 20 minutes, get on the bus and then make everyone wait whilst they find their bus pass or fare. Really p*sses me off that!

    As do women who will not fold up pushchairs, who sit young children on seats whilst the elderly have to stand. Sixteen year olds who travel for bunce, jump the queues and sit whilst the elderly or those who pay fares stand.

    In fact you'd better add any b*stard who's drawing breath near me - I hate the whole rotten ill-disciplined foolish, rude and sh*tty band of tw@ts who dare to travel on the same tube, bus or train with me. You can chuck in pavement parkers and cyclists too.
  10. And don't forget the slags who go to the 10 items only till and pay by CHECK!

    Why isn't there a till for men with cash?
  11. People (invariably women) at cashpoints who queue, then once they actually get to the machine, fumble for their fecking purse in a bergan sized handbag, search purse for card, insert, search purse for bit of paper with number on, check balance, print balance, shake head, remove card, search purse for second card, search purse for second bit of paper, insert second card, check balance, print balance, actually get some bl00dy money, put everything back into purse, put purse back in bergan/handbag, secure bergan/handbag, examine machine again just in case anything's been forgotten, finally... fecking finally, move away from machine.

    Also... Why am I the only person at the train station who ever just asks the teller for a ticket to where I'm going? Everyone else seems to need to ask about the price options, what route the train takes, what time the return train is at next Tuesday, what the driver had for tea etc....

  12. Im not sexist but its usually women.......

    In a line queing to enter the back gate of RAF (stn) and she hasnt got her ID card and car pass out ready,

    joining the motorway/A1 via the slip road and a car stops and waits for a gap, its a slip road for fcuks sake, accelerate and merge.....

    why does it take so long to get hospital appointments/treatment, on casualty(bbc1) it happens within minutes?

    :x :x :x :x :x
  13. Driving into camp everyday. ! minute out I get my MOD90 and car pass ready, I then hit the gate show them together and I'm through.

    Most others seem to be genuinly surprised to find that the bloke on the main gate wants to see their ID and car pass as a security check thinking, 'I showed it to someone yesterday, why does this different chap want to see it again?' Cue 2 mins of trying to locate car pass/MOD90 with me spitting feathers behind them. CNUTS.

    Don't get me started on those F@ckwits on motorbikes who know they will need to show their MOD90 but say, 'I've got it under me leathers mate so it will be really hard to get out'. You do this everyday and every day I'm stuck behind you while you roll your eyes and fumble about like losers. You know you will be asked when you leave home, put it somewhere convenient!!! :x
  14. Drain sniffer - you're telepathic - that's what I would have written and it drives me up the wall! What is the big surprise? Are they hoping that they'll just be able to walk on through if they don't do something stupid, like remind the checkout girl about payment by flashing the cash.

    And it gets worse when they have also forgotten to weigh their tomatoes and the checkout girl has had to grab the phone!!!
  15. Cashpoint dicipline amongst many is awful. Aside from the aforementioned long search for their card there is the infuriating way they press a button and then stare at the screen before pressing another button and they then repeat this twice more just to enter their PIN number!
    It get worse when even on cloudy days or at night they feel the need to shelter the screen from any ambiant light in between button presses and staring blankly at it for 5 seconds. Once their cash is dispensed and card returned they then repeat the screen sheltering and staring as if the machine was going to give them some further instructions!
    It takes me 45 seconds to get my money out yet these Luddites waste 5 minutes of my life to carry out a task they have done hundreds of times before!