No passports

Does that mean that they cant leave the UK, and if so why are we being forced to keep them. Send them back to afghanistan or wherever they were picked up.

They are either guilty or innocent.

If innocent, let them have their passports. If guilty, stick them under house arrest and announce it , or back into Belmarsh.

This smells like "Oh we don't want to make the Americans look bad"

Tough. If they're innocent, sue the Arrse off someone. If guilty, STFU and take your holidays in Worthing.
It doesnt seem to difficult to get into the UK illegally, so it should be a doddle to get out.

just give them a one time use only passport preferably one way to Afghanistan or Iran where they are so devout that they would prefer living in Uk instead of a dustbowl in the middle of the Middle east :evil:

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