No overstretch in the RAF

Why is another senior officer bowing and scraping to the Labour machine?

  • He wants his peerage

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  • To protect his pension

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  • He thinks it will get him promoted

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  • He genuinely believes what he is saying

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  • He is a side scuttling little oik who wears polyester

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From the BBC:

AVM Iain McNicoll said: "There is no such thing as risk-free flying and certainly there's no such thing as risk-free military aviation.

"These are demanding operations that people are engaged in. They are being flown to the limits but up to the limits, not beyond the limits
Link:Desperate for a knighthood

My only feeling is that Iain is letting the RAF down by trotting out the Neu Lairbour line of stretched but not overstretched boll0xs. I wonder if he has ever talked to people who have gone through the experience of moving with Crab Air in the last 30 years.
Exactly my thoughts when I read it. This guy is part of the problem and just has his head in the sand hoping to avoid a fuss. Tosser!!
He's only a 2 star and there are a lot of those in light blue chasing the remaining stars and accompanying "K". He's also AOC 2 Group (presumably a "bluntie") and therefore with a handicap from the outset.

Note that the current CinC of Strike Command is Air Chief Marshal Sir Joe French, formerly Chief of Defence Intelligence and Hutton witness. Not bad for a helicopter driver! It's normally the fast jet bombers who end up in that job. "Playing the game" and all that.... :twisted:
I caught the end of the interview and was impressed by his delivery of the message but was not impressed with the content of his message.

We are wearing out the (entire) fleet at a terrific rate.

With that sort of 'support' is it any wonder that the men and women on the ground (or in the air) in all three services feel that they are unheard by their superiors in Whitehall?

They should look at people like the RM Sgt who speak out no matter how bad it is for their career, the truth needs to be told when things are as bad as they are.

The AVM may be fishing for his knighthood, but he should be doing his job and be greateful that he's going to get a pension that many of us can just dream about.


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Another tube of the highest order!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring back the all-ranks, all-arms penal battalions.
Gen Dannatt has loads of backbone. He might want to lend some to this spineless mandarin.

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